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  1. danny howells @ spirit 16th

    Oh yea...I'm already starting to feel that tingle. Seeya there!
  2. Hey all you TWILOITES......

    "leftover items were just recently uncovered from storage" a.k.a. police evidence room?
  3. A Message From PACHA

    Hey, asshole. Just apologize and don't insult us with your bullshit. If this isn't made up, then Pacha management are a bunch of morons. You don't need to SHUT DOWN to comply with safety regulations. YOU SIMPLY STOP LETTING PEOPLE IN! And by the way, you closed before 2am...not 3am. Although, I'm sure coatcheck was open far longer than that. You certainly made your mark in NYC.
  4. The Gates in Central Park

    I'm gonna check 'em out tomorrow. It is what it is...call it art if you want or call 'em shower curtains! Shit, have you seen what else passes for art these days? I'm intrigued by it as an "urban event" tho, and that gives it value in my opinion. Another important point I'd like to make is that as crazy as it seems to blow 21M on this project...it's entirely Christo & Jeanne-Claude's money to blow. Taxpayers don't pay a single cent! And if anything, the city of New York benefits from the attraction. So people should just chill about the cost and be grateful to live in a country where we are able to do this kinda weird shit.
  5. Does anybody STILL use glowsticks or lights?

    iggs...you touch my lights and i'll pound u SON!
  6. Bring stuff on the plane

    chew them up and swallow them all just before you get on the plane!
  7. would you punch a retarded person ?

    u said he had red spots all over his hands? better go to the clinic, lol
  8. Asseteria at Show Review!!

    fkn dbl posts!
  9. Asseteria at Show Review!!

    i...smell...ASSSSSSSS! can't wait to check out the new home of ASS!
  10. BLACK MARCH 13th

    i am! ...and the LUSH crew!!
  11. Should I go alone??

    no one is alone at these things
  12. cheating when drunk.....

    there is no spoon.
  13. Partyin up in NY....suggestions??

    culture club is an 80's retro club, but they also play current pop and mainstream hip hop...i'm not a huge fan of that place. why don't u try to expand their ur friends' musical experience. the really good nyc clubs don't play that crappy cheese-trance or house that ur friends probably hate...DT @ ARC on fridays is one of the best parties right now. otherwise, u could always bar-hop bleeker st. good luck.
  14. Webster Hall Saturday was packed

    webster hall serves CHEESE
  15. K-Smoothhhh

    ya know... like gettin boobs in ur legs LOL