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  1. was he keeping it real cause Pacha isnt underground...or is it,he knows he wouldnt be able to draw a crowd that size to fill the building
  2. BORIS @ Pacha.....

    Hahahahah TEC BORIS!!!!!!!! -joey sc00ps
  3. BORIS @ Pacha.....

    ill def b there.... i love Boris in this type of room. -joey sc00ps
  4. Sat/Sun Nov 4th @ Gypsy Tea

    and I was going to take a brake until TGE
  5. Pacha upcoming line up

    i guess ur not a Boris fan..........I cant wait for Boris to play this room,as long as he plays it like he plays show,Gypsy Tea and how he used to play Disco....In a room like Pacha,Boris knows wut he is doing
  6. SIK......Dave and VINNY RUE on that system should be fucking nuts
  7. Where the hell are the after hours parties in NYC????

    sleep pattern.....u pussy lol
  8. its not there fault they had to change the club.........shit y the fuck would they shut down there own party....just to rush and stress out and push everything to last min?
  9. wuts the writting on the wall say? Roxy fuckt up by serving under gaed kids......Exit fuckt up by not searching hard enough to find guns on ppl,but yet when it was house music in that building,you couldn get one pill in there. Yes lets not forget the 15yr olds..........who want to go hear house music,instead of hip hop.I mean ppl come on,if your realy pissed that 15yrolds r going,then dont go. JP is washed up........I love when ppl say that,cause there about 5 threads on ever board about him rite now,good/or bad,fans/or haters........he still has ppl talkin about him.If you want washed up....then tell me how many Tony Draper love/hate threads there has been in the last 2yrs?
  10. I told ppl.........hip hop main floor,house in the side rooms.It sucks cause I called it 1yr ago.Hip Hop is wuts in,club owners are loosing money on house music......so go with wut is hot.In the long run hip hop will get there clubs shut down.I personaly dont care,I like the smaler type room,afterhours,type feel....over big room drama.
  11. Any Gypsy Tea Reviews?

    Afterhours....the name it self,is just bad.Think about afterhour bars and shit all the drugs in there. Ppl just dont know how to control them selves when they go out.I might get fkt up when I go out,but I do it with some respect for myself and the party.If its a house party,hotel party....then yea Ill get out of my mind.It sucks that ppl dont give a shit about themselves there friends or the partys.When u go down,now your friends have to deal with it...and if there not there(you dont know who is)and I dont trust nobody...so Im def not passin out.Plus if you get bouncers who do not know anything about G....they might send you to the hospital,now ur fuckin the party. I wish I would have gone to GT,I havent heard Boris there yet......but from wut I hear ,he plays like he would at Disco...and Show.
  12. you people are really PATHETIC! Yeah YOU!

    I look at it like this....you go out if your into it,no matter how old you r.Fuck the ppl that talk shit...........because there not in my life...dont care wut you or anyone else thins about me. It is sad,I will say when you get the older guys that come......who get fuckt up,and go this song is hot,yet they have no clue who the producer is and they could care less.I go out for the music......for the friends.....for the party.
  13. JP @ Roseland Review...WOW

    thank you..........he delivers his music.
  14. JP @ Roseland Review...WOW

    He sucks/he is god........doesnt matter cause ppl are talking about him,they allways have and it seems with the new gen comin in they allways will. Ok so his mixing might be off sometimes/or wutever.12 to 24 hours of spinning,he fuck mixes up for all I care.Thats alot of time to put into a party.I mean when you get an inter DJ comin to NYC,you get 4 hours out of them......4 hours of wuts on there latest cd and a couple of classics.They spin records,get paid way to much and then go home. Yes I go to hear JP and I go to hear alot of other DJ's that come to NYC.There is def alot of great DJ's out there that come here and spin sick music and mixing is fuckin amazing.Yet when JP spins......he delivers his music like no one else.His mixing might be fuckt up,but when your trying to do as many diffrent things to the music as he is...ur mixing might be off.Too have 2 records going and dropping an acca over it,and werqin the effex box at the same time..........to me he is doing more then spinning records.The man plays songs that,when I get them I think I have the wrong mix......or Ill dget the track that ppl were talking about and be like WTF is everyone talking about,god damn JP heads need to get off his dick,this track sucks.Ill hear that same song when he spins it and holy fuck,thats y ppl r talking this track. Like I said it sucks that JP's crowd is younger,but it allso sucks Im getting older......but there is allways V.I.P or an area you and your friends can take over(and have a good time).It allso sucks that I go out and dont hear any other DJ werq the tracks like JP.As for the ppl who go an complain that it was wack and it sucks an boo hoo..........go rite ahead and give your opion,cause he played long enough for you to say if he was good or not.Unlike these inter.DJ that play for hours and thats it......you cant tell if someone is good or not that night with a 4 hour set,Im sorry they have ppl open up they comin in at the peak of the set and then someone closes for them....................weak.Open your own set build it,hit the peak,and then close it.