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  1. week II at matrix thursday (wonderland)

    this is starting to take form... Ill see you there!! like he said: BRING YOUR CAMERAS!!!!
  2. the grand opening of WONDERLAND

    you can now also pick up passes at Boston Beat on newbury & soundfactory on comm/brighton ave... we'll see you at the MATRIX!!!
  3. the grand opening of WONDERLAND

    Ok, so a few days have passed... everyone is feeling pretty secure... get ready for this. WONDERLAND APRIL 25TH 2002 THE MATRIX. your residents: Joshua Carl (house of sound, bugged out, fluid) Massi (Boston Beat, Jose's, Shamrock) Ross (Boston beat) style: AGGRESSIVE MUSIC. for those who dont know...aggressive is music that wails...some u know, some u dont. were talkin rivera, cox, cornsten, peters, aurel, alanis, icey.... shit you cant sit still to. doors at 10pm and its: 18+ email for guestlisting: [email protected] or [email protected] :::things to come at wonderland::: *best in leather contest. you might be hot...but can you rock the skinz? *boston's illest dancer competition clear the floor...whos got the moves? for those not familar with the djs styles you can check out: www.massi.com (i know he just put up mixes) or www.djjoshuacarl.com we'll see you on THURSDAY APRIL 25TH 10PM ********* ~~FIRST 50 PEOPLE TO THE BOOTH GET AN EXTREMELY LIMITED DOUBLE-PAK CD EMAIL FOR THA HOOKUP
  4. will you take the red pill???

    be careful who you tell that too... unless your a habitual acid dropper you might have a hard time explaining it...
  5. will you take the red pill???

    this is off the top of my head: you can take the blue pill and wake up believeing...what ever you want... or take the red pill and i can show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes. one pill makes you bigger, and the other one makes u small... and the white nights talking backwards.... yadda yadda yadda thanks for all you love... I am in negotiations with dancesafe to have them involved this is NOT a druggee night
  6. will you take the red pill???

    hehehehe... I dont...but a close relative has worked there for years... they strap him to the inner rail and he makes the dogs chase him. you'll be more likely to see me on lansdowne street at 215 handin out flyers...
  7. will you take the red pill???

    wow... so much a big secret, huh?> it apears (via email) many already know about WONDERLAND. you will be taken care of thanks for your support. (FYI this is a drug free night) see ya soon.... HONESTLY LOOK FOR ME!!!
  8. will you take the red pill???

    stay in wonderland... be on the lookout for me... ill take you deeper than you probably want to go... nightlife is about to get a serious kick in the ass