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  1. Bukem, Bukem, Bukem

    how do i become a member? i know i'll be there... -captain g
  2. thats a big negative.! i prefer women. ass titties ass and titties ass ass titties titties ass and titties.
  3. so im reading these write ups on the clubs listed and i came across this one. Rip Off!!!!! () Posted by An Anonymous User on Mar. 20, 2002 This club is overrated! The door queen totally ripped me off charged my friend $20.00 myself $25.00, and I was right behind him. I asked the bouncer what the cover was he told me $20.00-I went back to comfront the tired queen, he refused to return my money. It's not the 5 bucks it's the principle! I called the dude a few choice words, he chased me outside the box and threatened to 86 me. I encouraged him to try. Needless to say, the coward crawled back into his hole. The club was ok, cool space, music was a little outdated especially for such a popular spot. I preferred "XL" or "SBNY" Note: my friend did not have a discount card it was his first time to NYC!! hahaha
  4. Thanks joeg i can't believe im missing Sven Vath. I will never see this man. i want to check out this baktun and big sur. you have addies for these places.? thanks again for the info
  5. The Beta Band Reverend Horton Heat Black Rebel Motercycle Club The Faint International Noise Conspiracy AFI Hot Water Music Modest Mouse anything along these lines? if so where do i go to see it in the City?
  6. ok... one place i can check out.. any others?
  7. what about the Lazy Dog guys? are they bringing anyone good during the 18-25th of April.
  8. Besides BOO. what other options would one have? I want something a little more up scale with nice house music. I would like to see nice faces and dancing bodies. I don't want any rave bidness. I think we have boo 6 for that. A good mature DnB night would be good too. Cheap Drinks and a nice vibe is what im in search of... is there a good residency i should hit up while in town?