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  1. mike macaluso... a 1 hit wonder?

    This is so funny....Mike Mac a one hit wonder....Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!!!!! All i have to say is:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  2. LIVE right now Mark Amatucci

    Oh Yeraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Mark.....there goes the neighborhood:)
  3. Who Is Your Fav Up And Comming Dj????

    Joe Giorgio sucks...ne one who doesnt say Mark A is out of there minds
  4. New Tuesday Chill out Spot...

    I love Ketel One JohN:hat:
  5. Mike Mac Tooch Richie Santana Richie Rydell Oscar G Robbie Rivera Bugout Eric Morillo Peter Bailey JohN:hat:
  6. I thought Manny was going to Greece JohN:hat:
  7. SO i took some of your advice went to Cherry

    You sound like a miserable fuck to me JohN:hat:
  8. hahahaa....i gotta try that shit....i hear its better than Ketel JohN:hat:
  9. Deko Last Night!! WOW!

    I had a good time....Santana really ripped it up....i enjoyed his set alot....Tsettos was good, it was nice to hear some older songs and the new Whitney Houston....i just hope he plays some new tracks soon so we dont have to listen to the same set all sumer long. Got my voucher....so im a happy man...deko was alot of fun JohN:hat:
  10. DJ Prime Lesner?

    Ever since i met DJ Jim @ Club Rio the first time i always thought he looked axactly like him.....sauce it up and u can be tagteams partners
  11. im gonna get them alllllllllllllllllll....i cant wait
  12. Bush Comical Relief

    what ru crazyy
  13. who is spinning?????????? JohN:hat:
  14. Danny at Space

    whenever i feel im wasted enough...so i dont spend as much $$$$$$$$$ in there. JohN:hat: