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  1. Chateau Noir @ Nativa

    Hmm, I have to check this out.
  2. S&D at World

    Not really. They had to break down all the sound and lighting equiptment and get all the stage hands and people involved to D.C. in time for the next show. I didn't mean to say that S+D had to be in D.C. by 12:30 but the rest of the tour had to. Hence the music stops at 5:30. That really sucks the guy couldn't find the keys to Filter:confused:
  3. S&D at World

    They had to be in D.C. at 12:30 this afternoon to start setting up for the next show. Their tour has been really hectic, but I have heard rumors that they will be comming back to exit to play a full 10hr set for their NY fans in the near future.
  4. Newsense @ Coal

    Whats up guys, if any of you are looking for somewhere to go tonight come by Coal and hear me and my friends play house and techno. The venue is really nice and drinks are cheap. These are some of the finest underground djs in the city. Expect lots of Djs and producers to stop by. We would like to meet some clubplanet people. see ya tonight... JV
  5. Newbie- Jamesvincent WElcome him !!!

    What up Fiery, I like you sig
  6. Is Draper Really Coming Back To Exit???

    now you talking my language. Everyone needs that cheesy shit to break into the scene, but soon you learn that there is tons of music out there. Guess what there is even music out there that is just for you, you just need to find it. I used to drop mad bombs when I was younger to "Feel" the music, but now when I go out I take one sometimes just to stay up
  7. Newbie- Jamesvincent WElcome him !!!

    Whats up people, never used this board before, heard some stuff about it but it seems pretty cool. People seem to be nice and intelligent, some if yous. Just thought I would drop in and say hi! Thanks for the welcome.

    Exactly, hey but I have seen even worse security at the Tunnel. I spun there once or twice with Ivan and Nero. That place was crazy, security used to beat people on the reg. Once this guy knocked a lamp over in the "Fuzzy" room and security came up and was like. "you broke my lamp" you got to pay for it or we are going to fuck you up. The guy gave them a hundred dollars and they beat him up. Security in these places came be the dirtyest bastards on the planet. But from the looks of things now, it seems like the club industry has cleaned their acts up in some respects.

    same question, you think the mothers story is BS? shes just out to get money?

    True that, everyone dissapears when your at Twilo, you are having such a good time that you dont even realize it. Or you might just think they got thrown out and you dont want to leave. I hope some goes to Jail for this and the city needs to realize that they are also at fault because they would not condone the ambulance services:(

    he prob took some bad shit or had a bad reaction to the chemicals. either way, that is a parents nightmare, fucking security ordered to lock people in closets. I loved that place, but damn, risking their patrons lives in order to save their asses wasn't a good idea and I hope who ever made that decision frys in hell. This was at PVD right?
  12. Is Draper Really Coming Back To Exit???

    I only saw him once and it was enough for me. My question to you guys is do you think exit is the house that Draper built? All I know is that Exit could potentially be the best Friday night venue in the city. It already is on Saturday in my opinion, and im not that big on the crowd sat night, but the quality of the sound is dope and the music JV plays is some of the best I have heard. Its such a solid venue it has one of the only Phazons in the city and it could be hosting Djs that will inject some energy into that place. They know this that is why they are trying something new. My second question is, how late does draper play? If only till six then I must say he def should go for a while. There are so many better DJs that can rock that place till at least 9 or 10. Im not dissing the guy im sure he was needed when exit was first opened and did the job, but that place could be insane with all the lighting and sound it has. People need to branch out and listen to new DJs. I would love a big club to go to for afterhouts on Friday:hat: