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  1. Sf Halloween Party Recap...........

    not half as many as there were school girls and chip n dale dancers =]~
  2. What was your favorite costume at sf?

    id say that white bunny who was hoppin around level 3 all night.... oooooh wait... that was ME... tee hee nah... i have to say BEETLEJUICE amazed me.... that guy looked awesome... :aright:
  3. Happy Friday!!!!

    its fridayyyy...wooooo hoooooo!!! too bad im saving my pennies for halloween..... gonna be a slow, long weekendddd =(
  4. I want everyone to see this:

    Oh My..
  5. Attention all clubplanet SF people...

    i wont be there this week either ....HALLOWEEN'S gonna be sickkkkkk though =]~ cant waittt
  6. roxy dresscode

    ....lol my friends asked me few weeks ago and i told them its casuall but they didnt wanna take a chance, so they called and they told them..."dress casual and wear CLEAN sneakers" lolol wtf is that?????
  7. Sunglasses

    lol are u talkin bout the ones with thelil sequence heart or star in the corner?? cause i actually seen like 6 guys wearing those in factory on sunday
  8. Factory Fridays?

    factory fridays suckkkkkkkkkk
  9. Sunglasses

    this topic has come up soooo many times before.. most people wear them to hide their eyes, or they use them as an accessory to their outfit... i guess its juss one of those things that some people will never understand:blank:
  10. what race do you think is hottest?

    i dont do it on purpose, but i usually wind up with italians... i guess its just what im attracted to.. i like dark features...((olive skin, dark hair, dark eyes, and the accent)) Yummy im a Brooklyn Guidette hehehe
  11. Roxy Rollcall for Tonight!!

    thanxxx..... happy birthdayyy =]
  12. Black Dress Pants

    where the hell are u shopping???.... cause im short (5'3) and im a 0/1 and my pants are ALWAYS too long.. its like i have to go on a mission juss to get a pair of pants that fit me right
  13. Hats on Girls on Clubs? Hot or Not?

    im the same EXACT way... i love the way they look on girls, but when i wear them, i feel weird, like they dont look right
  14. Rosemary's baby Exorcist The Omen Last House on the Left The Shining 976 Evil Amityville Horror Children of the Corn
  15. Roxy Rollcall for Tonight!!

    whos performing?????