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  1. Eugene Thursdays

    I heard about Jennifer Love HEwitt too....its a party for FHM magazine.....I think its gonna be a great party! See you later!!!!
  2. Eugene Thursdays

    What can you guys tell me about Eugenes on Thurs nites? I heard its the old Saci party......Saci used to be great on Thursday nites....does anyone have guestlist info? I am going with about nine people........
  3. I was thinking about going on thurs nite......is there house music? I know Tues is all hip hop.....I want to hear house.... what so you guys think?? any other suggestions?
  4. Does anyone know how i can get some tickets in advance for Paul Oakenfold at Centro-Fly this Thursday nite?
  5. Ok you guys are gonna flip on me.....I am a club scene veteran, and I have been going out since 1995......I have been to every club imaginable.....but I do NOT remember JV being at Tunnel!!! When was this? and where the hell was I?? Maybe it was when I lived in boston??? I am going to Roxy tonite and looking forward to going off the hook~
  6. Definately losing my $$ AND having some idiot STOMP on myr toes when I am wearing open toe shoes!!!! That sucks---it happened at WMC---
  7. OH MY GOD-----MOMENTS by Mindy K can we say OFF THE F-ING HOOK???!!!!!!!!!!! South Beach Memorial Day weekend 99' that song was all over Warsaw and Salvation!!!! Those are some great memories!
  8. okay----youre gonna laugh it was bunnie!!!! LMAOOOOOOOOO what a herb that was a very long time ago
  9. If you want to see fake people, drama, and people who constantly post nasty and lude messages----check out VIP's board.......from what I can see of this board most of you have alot of good input along with interesting things to say....... there is always going to be that one miserable person that wants to make everyone else miserable too......so let them be in their own miserable world........ this board seems both young---and younger....but this is not a negative factor......not everyone can be seasoned veterans of the club scene like some of us........just remember when you were starting out......they didnt even have boards when I started going out!!! how funny is that....... whether you started out at ClubUSA like me.....or Exit Fridays like some of the newcomers....we are all in the same family!
  10. I used to go to Roxy back in the day when it was Big Fridays with DJ Boris.......it is gonna be great to go back! I havent heard Vicious since he was at Ohm...... I just went to classics this past Friday at Centro-fly w/Steve Travolta----the music was off the hook!
  11. when youre in my hut......you know whats up
  12. I have been using clubplanet for years.......when I became aware of messageboards I let someone talk me into posting on VIP's board......after a short time of posting on their board.....I learned that I wanted nothing to do with it anymore.... I knew clubplanet has always had better parties anyway---- I met quite a few clubplanet people at WMC.....you guys seem great!