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  1. Who Is The Hottest Girl On Cp?

    You could not have said it any better!!!! :clap2:
  2. Okay this place is gonna be PACKED! I wont be able to get there until 11:30 you guys think they're gonna stop letting people in by then?? Or will I still be able to get in - it's an hour drive for me - but its worth it if i get in ~ whadya think?!?!?!?!
  3. Quoth i've never seen you in the jersey boards! we need someone like u here to handle this drama shit with your legendary responses!! :laugh:
  4. Attention All New Upcoming Guidos!!!

    Noo way - original guido days were my Pops and his friends - i gotta picture of them dressed in suits standing by their car smoking unfiltered ciggarettes in Hoboken in the 1950's and the Bronx.. those were the Old school guidos!!
  5. Saw the funniest thing....

    umm what if he has to arrest somebody - does he carry them in his front basket?? or do they have to ride on the pegs?
  6. Laurie619

    Hey Saleen I like how u end all of your posts - especially with the "go Jets" nice touch!!
  7. where in jersey you from

    Now that you mention it - every diner i go to is owned by Greeks!! U guys hire the BEST Mexicans to cook food! THANKS!
  8. Steroids!

    umm i guess u didnt bother to read the entire response - u only focused in on the last sentence - i took every point u made in ur so called "educated response" and responded to each one of them.. dont take it to heart everyone has a different opinion!!
  9. Steroids!

  10. Steroids!

    actually im not a hater.. i work out and i can tell when a person has UNATURALLY surpassed their natural plateau by injecting themselves with anabolic steroids - its stupid and lazy
  11. Baby Penis

    :laugh: Alright I have admit i just took credit for that joke - sent it to all my friends!! that shit was funny!!
  12. is this true. . .

    well hmmm if u misbehave it may come even earlier....
  13. is this true. . .

    well... if you behave urself i just might make it ealier!