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  1. roll call djais sat

    Any good places in Belmar that allow 20 year old females in?
  2. roll call djais sat

    Hey, how old do you have to be for D'Jais? My friend and I are 20. Can we go there to hang out?
  3. Joeys Thursday - Heres the deal

    Nice. I'll be there with my thong. What's the dress code at that place Thursday nights?
  4. Hey. I don't go into the city much, but I'm looking for something to do this Thursday. Was going to go Webster Hall, but then heard the scene there has majorly transformed to rock. So, any places with good DJ's where you can get in if you're 20?
  5. What did you get on your SAT's?

    I got a 1500. But I'm Russian and we're good in math so I got an 800 on that part.