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  1. Happy Birthday Mimid!

    Happy Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuu!!
  2. happy birthday mmonica

    Ok, so I am really late on replying! But thank you, all you freaks, for the wishes!!
  3. Lenan's bill

    BFE vs. Jersey!! M & J have agreed to be the judges!! Blackmail works wonders!!
  4. Lenan's bill

    Your bill: $3.36 + FL tax A bag of Columbian coffee beans A coffee maker A green punch buggy punch Something for Elmo A blue bandana Giggles I will be adding sugar, milk, jelly beans and of course, Frankie!!!!
  5. So exactly how many people are there on this board?

    Is there a multi-flavored kool-aid!? :rainbow: Anthony- you are a trip!!
  6. Ok...For the Guys

    I wash your back, you wash mine? Interesting....
  7. Ok...For the Guys

    But Stace is suggesting a cold one....
  8. Ok...For the Guys

    The breeeeeeeeezy pants?!?! All right, yeah, yeah!! Wear those!! :grin: Everyone got your judging cards?! Who is going this Friday?!
  9. Ok...For the Guys

    Barbie- I am sorry! I do not mean to ignore everyone, but Frankie is just distracting me! It is all his fault!! Stace-Will you be the judge? Frankie-Patience, patience!
  10. Ok...For the Guys

    I know where you would like me to be at....
  11. Ok...For the Guys

    That's good because my inspectors only accept grade "A" pieces of arse!
  12. Ok...For the Guys

    Only if it is good....
  13. Ok...For the Guys

    Oh, yeah?! And what do you have planned? Thank you for the welcome meng!! :grin2:
  14. Ok...For the Guys

    *blushing* The one & only!!