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  1. Florentine Gardens?!?help!

    MoReNa oh hey heeeelllloooo!!!! ummm my email adress is [email protected] from you soooonnnn......
  2. Florentine Gardens?!?help!

    hey LA MORENA!!!!! i dont know what an aim is.
  3. whattup, party people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

    well i would not be stoked if my boss made me get him pens! well i dont have that problem i work for century 21 as a real estate agent and at 8 am i was on my way to the gym! (im not trying to make you feel bad) now im just sitting in front of this dumb computer waiting to see if i won a property for my buyer which i submitted electronically for a government property and they say the winner might not be posted till 4:30!!!so i might have to wait and wait but oh well,,,i bet your profesor is a dork who was not popular in his younger years and studied his ass off so he could make good $$$ but he probaly doesnt have any hot women to enjoy it and is probaly miserable! am i right?(i sound like such a dick!)
  4. whattup, party people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

    work is work its something we all gotta do so we can you have awesome weekends. so might as well try to smile and enjoy your day--
  5. Florentine Gardens?!?help!

    hey morenachulitabonitamamasita j/k --- the club florentine is dirty the walls, floor, its just nasty its scenery is not good looking its not like you walk in and say "aw man this club is smooth" its pretty ugly as for the crowd -- i went on a salsa type night one time and a pwr 106 night the other tyme the crowd was pro latino, and some brothers a couple of gangmembers and thats what kills the scene for me,,, i think gangsters just bring bad vibes to crowds--so i go to clubs and parties with mostly college kids or i use my fake id and go to hollywood or old town pasadena---i went to rosarito for spring break like 2 weeks ago and there were like no college kids it was mostly all gangbangers and it was horrible!!!!that was my first time in rosarito which was not fun---so i dont know what kinda crowd your into but if you call yourself "giggles" or "smiley" or whatever chola's name themselves you might like the club---talk to you ltr
  6. whattup, party people?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!

    hey evrybody! all 5 of you! last week i was at home bored out of my mind in the middle of the day and did a search on the net for la nightlife and this website came so i checked it out,now im respnding im 20 yrs old from pasadena and i gotta join the convrsation if its about trance or hardcore i love it, love it, love it , wheter its in my convrtible, working out, at a club, or just relaxing i will listen to this music,,this past weekend i went to club highland(sucked), and the last man standing at the garage in hollywood and man the garage rocks! there wrent many people but this dj called beetlejuice fucking rocked! his vibes were so fucking strong i was totally lost in the music i was also rolling, rolling, rolling, i heard club naked rocks ne one ever been there? if no one replies im sure neport beach girl will right?
  7. Florentine Gardens?!?help!

    hey morenachula (or whatever) um i saw your flrentine gardens message,,,um i personaly think that club is garbage its dirty and the crowd it attracts is dirty, im 20 yrs old from alhambra and have been clubbing since back in the rebel days with carnival arena etc...um since your 17 you might like the club since you probaly have not gone to too many clubs or whatever but at the same time you might think the club is horrible i didnt like it but im also into trance, dance clubs im not really into the whole mexican rebel scene no more so whatever try to have fun it will be an xprience and the only way to have an opinion about something is to try it