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  1. Attention Club Spi Managment...

    ok boys.. seriously... no need to bash one another... i am not one to visit the o great message boards yet i hear about me being the topic of convo which of course.. cant resist and must add my opinion... bartenders at spiclub... being a bartender myself and knowing the old blow fire trick i must say that one in close range will get wet(151..not water).. how else do you expect the flame to be so big.. but i must say congrats because someone obviously feels powered by being able to down an experienced bartender and get them fired while recieving free drinks in the process.. pure genius... and no im not bashing but if it was me that was behind the bar and i was fired because someone complains.. " i got wet... boo hoo" i would be somewhat agitated actually hostile. which i am because i knew both bartenders working that evening. but i must say this is just my opinion so no hard feelings to you but seriously.. you dont feel bad about costing someone their job?