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    ..the blacker the berry,the sweeter the juice ;)
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  1. post your stats.

    height: 5'4" weight: 115 hair color: dark brown eye color: dark brown ethnicity: Blaock shoe size: 8.5 measurements: 34/24/34 size: 3 34B
  2. Best Songs for Getting High

    i have a sweet song to listen to when ur high on anything its by Chyna White. If you want -- hit me up and ill send it to you. I've never talked to ne one that's heard it before Ive played it for them.
  3. Halloween costumes

    im gonna be "nurse naughty" last year i was a bunny... heres a pic of that
  4. Amazing bodies

  5. Birth control

    im on the pill and the only thing that is a drawback for me is if I forget to take one and I have to take 2 the next day...i get really really sick. I wouldnt recomment depo -- i know 2 girls that it messed up bad, one girl was walking to class and just started hemmoraging really bad, and the other girl gained 50 lbs. Just seems like there are too many variables associated with it. But obviously it works for some
  6. ok ladies....its time to REALLLY post your tits...

    cherry covered boobies in vegas
  7. Coming to Vegas for halloween

    I'm flying in the Vegas on the 30th and Ill be there till Nov 2nd. Any guestlists or clubs I should go to that havent been mentioned??? I dont wanna sleep the whole time if possible!!! I'm comin from Michigan
  8. Hair Testing

    2 summers ago they were testing for weed because I know people who failed the test because of weed. Make sure that you arent confusing "hair tests" with the improved "hair folicle tests" which are a newer development that no shampoo or anything can save you from. Hair tests..they just cut hair from your head or anywhere on ur body. Hair folicles tests they take hair OUT of your skin, not cutting it. The place I work now has the folicle tests for people working in a highly secure department.
  9. Hair Testing

    I had a hair test 2 summers ago for an internship. I smoked all year and I found out about it and i went and bought this shampoo... NOT from some online store... its a shampoo that is used to "rid hair of build up from medications ..blah blah". It was about $30 and you use it the morning of the test. Yes it worked. Bleaching your hair is really bad for it, but I'm sure it works, I have also heard of people puting nail polish remover in their hair(yuck). I'm sorry I dont remember the brand of the shampoo, but it did work - and another person who worked with me used it and it worked for her as well.
  10. Louis Vuitton Pet Lovers Dream "see Pic"

    i can picture my future miniature yorkie in it
  11. Everytime We Get A New Board..POST UR PIC TIME :)

    there are some very sekzie sekzie people on here heres sum of me ..vegas..
  12. VEGAS July 13-16th

    whussup yawl.. im comin to Vegas for my 21st Birthday (July 9th) Whats goin on between the 13-16th?? hit me up