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  1. Boyfriend's work ethic??

    Jeez this damn pimple will be his demise!!!
  2. Boyfriend's work ethic??

    trazwhore that sounds like a great idea. it seems like men only pay attention to things when you bring up the no sex idea!! If it makes any difference, the pimple, in question, is on the forehead.
  3. Boyfriend's work ethic??

    I know this is the sex board, but I just wanted to see if i was overreacting & this board gets more traffic than the others - am I using incorrect message board etiquette?!
  4. Boyfriend's work ethic??

    What would the other reason be?? The weird thing is he doesn't think there's anything wrong with this type of action. I know by law you could take ur sick days & vacation days anyway you like, but it has to have some type of negative effect on you as an employee especially when it comes to raises and promotions to higher positions. It just so happens that today wouldn't have been a busy day for him, but even if it was he still wouldn't have gone in - priorities??!!!
  5. Boyfriend's work ethic??

    Okay I want to know if i'm over reacting or what. My bf works for a major financial co., and on Friday he took off as a scheduled vacation day. This morning he gets ready for work, goes to his car and then he comes back inside saying he's deciding not to go in because of the pimple on his forehead. Now I freak out saying "what kind of work ethic do you have, how are you ever going to be successful if you take off due to a pimple". Am I overreacting? I work in the corporate world also and when you have a vacation day on a friday and then just call out on a monday that never looks good. I could understand calling out 'cause your sick, but to call out and hibernate indoors all day due to a pimple is a little weird in my book. Now i'm starting to wonder if this will affect his job, and so on. I mean i love him but i'm having doubts that maybe he'll never make it if he continues like this. Any thoughts.
  6. Relationship Dilema?

    Oh my age, i'm almost ancient: 29 I know this whole situation seems very high schoolish - & trust me i don't want to be wrapped up in situations like this
  7. Relationship Dilema?

    Thanks for all your responses. You all gave me alot to think about, especially about not jumping into things so quickly. I do understand how describing the situation to my current bf (or anyone else) can be hard to believe, but for me since I know i did nothing to disrespect my current bf, it's frustrating. I've been talking to him all day and each time we speak he's changing his mind 1st he's mentioning how he's going out tonite with friends (like trying to suggest things will happen), and then in the next phone call he's talking sweet and asking to see me as soon as possible. I'm trying to assure him how much i care for him and would never do such a thing, but he has this tendency to dwell on topics and exaggerting what could've happened - basically torturing himself Well I guess Ill really gadge his emotions when i see him in person and some hours have passed hopefully he will cool down. Thanks again - its weird how this site can be so helpful whereas a friends opinion is always skewed
  8. Relationship Dilema?

    That's what i keep thinking no trust = no relationship. If i stay with him will i always have to wonder is he going to cheat or do something stupid only because he thinks I did As for jumping in so soon, i really haven't been in a "real" relationship for the past year. But i've thought about that, but that thought scares me, i always thought i was independent however now faced with living alone is scary.
  9. Relationship Dilema?

    I even admitted to him that I was at fault, but i'm not exactly experienced in break up etiquette. The reason why I didn't ask my ex to leave is because i'm trying not to turn this into something ugly, because then that would turn him to be spiteful and I just don't have time or energy for that. I try to let my new bf understand that i'm telling the whole truth, since i could've easily just said the meeting went fine and he never came in. I choose to be honest and look what i get.
  10. Relationship Dilema?

    double post
  11. Relationship Dilema?

    That's exactly what i mean ur gf was honest enough to tell you that happened and now you have to decide if you believe her or if you're going to let your mind go wild and envision other wrongful doings. My new bf is looking for me to beg, he wants me to call my ex on 3 way to have him allude to what did or did not happen, but I said to my new bf that last night was really supposed to be our last time talking or seeing one another and I wouldn't want to call him back & interrupt his new life with this because my ex will just think I'm nagging him to come back. I keep telling him nothing happened and he's not believing it. So I ask him what's the point in staying together if he doesn't trust me and he'll flip flop between answers 1st saying we're done but then still asking me what happened and then sort of believing me, but then still not. This is all so confusing:confused:
  12. Relationship Dilema?

    Okay I've lived with my bf for 7yrs, for the past year our relationship had fizzled, no romance, barely any conversation just no connection. during the last month of our relationship I met someone else and it started out as friends, once my bf & I broke up the friend turned into a bf. Now here's the dilema, since my ex & I lived together for so long and shared a residence the break-up wasnt that easy since there were leases/bills/belongings to take care of. I kept the apt and my ex left, but he still had to come back to retrieve items you always forget (little things). Last night I had to actually meet up with my ex to give him back his car (my new bf knew this meeting eventually had to take place) so he has to come into the apartment to get all the paperwork for the car, he ends up lounging in the living room (which used to be his bedroom when our relationship was on the outs) and falls asleep. Then my new bf calls to see how the meeting went and I tell him how he's knocked out sleeping - of course this doesn't fly and he thinks more things are going on. Now he says he can't trust me and doesn't want to continue the relationship, but i keep trying to tell him that this was our last meeting since everything was now given back and I couldn't wake him up and kick him out of the house (since i'm trying to have this relationship end friendly). Am I in the wrong for allowing my ex to come into his old house (btw his name is still on the lease since hes lazy & won't sign papers) to retrieve items. I wasn't planning on him falling asleep. ps my ex has already moved on also and my current bf is aware of this
  13. So i was fucking the shit out of her the other day....

    I know I wouldn't enjoy the punching part.
  14. So i was fucking the shit out of her the other day....

    I wish my boyfriend would let loose like that:)
  15. Junior @ "SF" For New Years?

    Is this a definite thing? Junior on NYE never a disappointment