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  1. He has come on as the number 1 dj - his produced tracks a sick and he knows how to play the crowd!
  2. Paul van Dyk @ Central Park, Sat 8/20

    This is sold out online - are there any other tickets out there (Satellite or at the door?)
  3. In Search of Sunrise 4

    Can anyone tell me if and when this will be released on ITunes?
  4. Bahamas Clubs

    I am staying at the Atlantis next Sun - Thurs. Anywhere good to go out near there?
  5. so, how was the party last night? I don't see any reviews.
  6. Jimmy Van M @ Avalon this Saturday

    He spins Trance and used to open for Sasha & Digweed - he is pretty sick if you like that kind of trance. I had seen him at Twilo, but that was obviously years ago. Haven't heard much from him lately. Hope this helps.takitez.
  7. Tiesto Central Park?

    Anybody know the date? Thanks.
  8. AVB Crobar

    he is sick! number one dj imo. spun hard, pulled back, spun harder. crowd was really good too - very excited to be there...
  9. Need restaurant help

    The Palm (West Side - 50th and 8th) is always great, but you can get that in Boston. Dos Caminos on 27th and Park is really awesome. Great service, great food, great drinks. Allegria (Italian, but they will make you anything) on 55th and 6th has nice outdoor seating (smoking permitted) and is a 10 minute walk from the Hudson.
  10. opie and anthony back??

    October 4, From 6am - 10am => they are going after Howard...
  11. opie and anthony back??

    Back on XM. http://www.foundrymusic.com/opieanthony/displayheadline.cfm?id=5871
  12. Micro?

    Does anyone know where Micro is spinning this Sat? It says "Kind" NYC on his website. Thanx.
  13. XS - Wow!

    when the hell did xs go to hip hop? i am from nyc and get to go to the shore 1-2 times per year. i was thoroughly disappointed in the music there. it used to be all house, rippin' it up. no offense to the dj if that is his style, but i was expecting something totally different.
  14. Sasha ?

    Anyone know the next time he is in NYC?
  15. Question about the SF CD's

    I have Live with Jonathan Peters (very good but no DVD) the Sound Factory Revelations (not bad) and the 13th Anniversary Party (pretty good). I would not buy them for the DVD's - typically one song long (like 7 minutes) and have some random party footage. But I think the CDs are good if you like hard house. As with Jonathan's choice in music over the years - you will find his older stuff more on the progressive house side, whereas his newer CD's are more tribal and very dark. Hope this helps...