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  1. Dirty Vegas- gettign big club play

    thanks, whats teh connection with hydrogen rockers. someone else told me that. but i want to follow it up so i can write about it on the site. let me know!!
  2. check out my styles

    Okay, I've been following a band called Dirty Vegas for some time now, i first heard them on that mitsubishi commercial with the girl dancing in the passenger seat. i made a website about them, http://dirtyvegas.tripod.com . they're electronic, with killer percussion and great vocals. they are sure to make a big splash in the states soon. tell me what you think. i got links to their video and music up there as well.
  3. Dirty Vegas- gettign big club play

    c'mon, no body like smy site?
  4. Hey... I'm a big fan of these guys. If you don't know them you probably heard them in a mitsubishi commercial that is running currently in america. they're a great electronic band with incredible acoustic, percussion and vocals. I like em so much i made a fansite. http://dirtyvegas.tripod.com i have their video there, lyrics, pics, the whole shebang. check em out! thanks!