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  1. I hear ya. Do you know there are other clubs besides Vinyl, Exit, and Roxy ?
  2. First off, your arrogance and your negative talk basically shows your youth. Honestly, your 21 years old. There is alot you don't know. Believe that. I am not belitting you or bashing you. Just respect your elders. This industry is on the low end right now. That is something you dont know. You have only scene this industry only for the past few years. Your only 21. You missed the days of Palladium, and the Tunnel, and Limelight, and many others... when they were all in their prime. Don't tell me you went there cause I know you didnt. Your only 21. Plus 5-10 years ago parties used to kick ass. All the DJs that are big today are big because of promoters. That is how this all works. Who do you think gives the DJs their gigs ? the promoters or club owners do. The problem today is that everyone thinks they are a promoter. If you bring 15 people to a party you are not a promoter. Know that. The worst parties are parties that have 50 promoters. Exception: concert promotions. Did you know that bar totals are lower then ever in NYC, compared to 5-10 years ago. I am not bashing anyone. Your youth is your problem. You need to sit back and listen a little bit. You really should. PLUS, promoters should answer these questions. Promoters don't only go to their own parties. They go other places as well. Promoters are clubbers and patrons too. Also, patrons go to a place because of promoters or because of the music, DJ, or scene which is all created by the promoter. Please stop using profanity in your posts. There is no reason for that.
  3. first off godfatherbam, I am not bashing anyone. I am just setting it straight. AND what do you know ? Can you provide some credentials ? Can you provide a resume with experience ? I can, can you ? How old are you ? I can tell already that you are definitely around 21 years old. Which means you know nothing. Your a newbie. Listen and learn. you make me laugh.
  4. you make no sense.. seriously.. He is not belittling others, AND he is not even remotely trying to be the man... How has he stated anyone's opinion ? I hate it when club-goers try and give their 2-cents about promoters and/or club owners. Club-goers typically and usually have NO clue about all the variables involved with a typical night at a club/lounge/bar. BUT club-goers ALWAYS have something to say, whether it be negative or positive. Remember these words "KNOW YOUR ROLE"... And that's the truth... Club-goers think they know everything,... How much does security cost? ,How much does a DJ or DJ(s) cost?, How much does the coat-check girl cost?, How much do hostess(s) cost?, How much do the the extras, which are un-mentionable items cost? Know your damn role before you speak...!!!!! Just cause you get a damn comp from a promoter doesn't mean your knowledgeable or that you have any cents. Also, if your under 25 don't even think of responding, cause you are too young and honestly have no damn clue how this business really works or better yet should work. This industry has changed big time for the past years. What it comes down to is that nightclubs would not exist without promoters. That is the 100% truth no matter what anyone says. Anyone that says different doesn't knwo better. The problem is, is that mant nightclub owners can't handle paying promoters. Its a problem that has existing seince the beginning... Even if you have PVD at a club, you still need promoters. Its a fact. Promoters, real promoters guarantee people in a venue. PVD does not... Its a promoters job to get people in a venue. Its not PVD's job to get people in a venue. PVD gets paid the same whether 5 people show up to his gig or 10,000 show up. Sure, he might get a bonus if 10,000 show up. So, give promoters some credit, it ain't an easy job. Its damn hard.. Promoters typically get the DJ(s), Do you all know that ? Promoters hire the door people.., Do you all know that ? Promoters produce the parties.... thank you. my 2-cents at after 5 in the morning,...;
  5. This week in NYC....

    whats your flavor ? what time of scene and music do you like ?
  6. **memorial Day Weekend**

    Conscience Point Fridays in Southampton. located at: 1976 North Sea Road, Southampton Friday May 24 * Memorial Day Weekend * Summer kick-off for more information [email protected]
  7. anyone interested in that type of work can also contact [email protected] with Shoot-A-Bullet
  8. Hamptons Hotels and Motels

    Friday May 24th - Memorial Day Weekend Conscience Point Fridays (more information coming soon). thank you [email protected]
  9. more information will be posted very soon get ready for a new revamped party every Friday at Conscience Point in Southampton this summer. [email protected]