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  1. Shitty Summer!!!

    Quit ur cryin kid! Haaa! Havent been on the boards in months brother. went on to change my email for the guest list mailings and saw ur posting. Holla!
  2. The music @ Tempts on Saturday

    Sat at Tempts was nutz, it was the bestest night ever.......and then we showed up for Sunday....and that became the bestest night ever! Solid weekend....except for the band at Surf Saturday afternoon???? The CD played between sets was better than the band!
  3. Temptations 5/11??

    Back 2 Back sick Tempt's Saturdays, period! I am a huge Denny fan and was let down opening night....but last weekend and last night were sick. Good music good vibe and tastie shots! Ceeotter, Thanks for the state of mind, your shots f-in rock....the only thing that sucked about last night was the forced restraint at 1am so that I'd be in shape to cruise home for mom's day! Tempkid, it was nice to meet the back of your head....ceeotter introduced us at about 230am when your head was stapled to her bar...good job kid!
  4. CP meetup on Sunday.....

    I'm wit dis guy! Tempt's for sure Sat, but Sunday is gona be a free for all at both spots...I like to leave the event planing for the work week. By the seat of my pants...and where the wind blows me...that's always interesting!
  5. Tempts Review??

    I can agree with ya on the crowd. Nice turn out, good looking crews, it hints at the expectation of a busy Tempt's season. However, I was let down with the music. I wanted more vocals...that's why you go to Tempt's...to dance...that's why there are no chairs in the place...that's why Tempt's has always had a sick vibe. He kept mixin' in the SF 6am bass-only beats and that keeps people from getting into a groove. I love the SF 6am stuff, but save it for afterhours!
  6. Metro? Joey's? Abyss? Anyone have the scoop on DJ appearances for this Fri nite? I wana stay in Jersey cause Saturday's gona be a long day and an even longer night as it runs right into Sunday-day and I don't wana miss a beat. Just looking for some info...
  7. Has anyone seen that guy that.......

    Dat boy is creepy! "Excuse me bartender, I'll have what he's havin' "
  8. Do You Feel Stupid If You Dance At A Club?

    No F-in way! I'm non stop all night long...straight or wacked! When the lights come on and the music stops...I still hear it playin in my head for hours...and I'm still bouncin (Not bobin like a zombie, dancin like pro)! For me, I can't figure why (except for the music) someone would go to a club and not dance...even a little. If your going out just to hook-up then go to a shot and beer bar...like Bar-A (aka Bar-Gay). As for the dancing, you did it before, so...Do It Again! Get whacked and let loose. Dance like no one is watching...because you can...because we'll all be dead some day, and 'lookin' like a dumbass' should be the last of our problems. I'm alive now...and I want to enjoy it!
  9. Attn Any Cp Member That Is Going To Joeys Tonight

    Where's your spot inside? What will you be wearing?
  10. Count Down To Memorial Day Weekend

    Fri nite - XS Sat day - Surf Club beach Sat nite - Tempt's Sun day - Surf Club beach Sun Aft - Surf Club Sun nite - Tempt's With an occasional SF late night Saturday...if we can get off the couch at 5 or 6am.
  11. Hey, blowj*b! The Wheel of Furtune come's on at 8......buy a fu*kin vowel.....or better yet, go buy one of those 'Now that's Music' cheese ball mixes cause you don't have a clue!
  12. Jimmy's In Morristown

    How's about TGI Fridays? All the same crap w/o the pretense...
  13. How was Bunka Sat 13th?

    Fu*kin shoot me now. You'd think I'd have known better! We'll like I said at least the XS vouchers were secured! 13 days and counting...
  14. How was Bunka Sat 13th?

    Someone tell me Bunka sucked Sat so I don't shoot myself. Went to Platinum with about 10-15 friends...for XS vouchers...mission accomplished! Eddie thru down some good sh*t, but for some reason when Plat throws a party...no one shows up? 2 more weeks till Temp's:D :D
  15. Jimmy's In Morristown

    DITTO! Spare your self...if you can! If you need a date spot for someone who's not in the scene try Hoboken's Cadillac Bar or 10th and Willow. Jimmy's is posion...I'd rather stay home and sleep, if you can't enjoy your Sat nite you may as well enjoy your Sunday!