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  1. Why Im a great boyfreind

    Kobe Steak from Tao comes with "Tossed Salad" and "Happy Ending" - curtiously of TA!!
  2. Meet up planned.

    Count me in dude!!!
  3. How many girls...

    I would let my girl, or anyone elses' girl for that matter, lick my ass while I'm on all 4's!!
  4. Traffic

    Don't forget your knee pads too, WHORE!!!
  5. Smegma

    Whats wrong wtih smegma, i eat PB & Smegma sandwhiches all the time!!!
  6. Memorial Weekend Sex Fest.....

    I know everyone out there has a story....So lets here it.... 1.) Where did you go for the weekend? 2.) What sexual encounters did you have? 3.) Good or bad?
  7. "Juiced up" guys at the Jersey shore

    How are you gonna sit here and tell me how I felt when I was on shit, and how I reacted to it? I can tell you from the way I was on it from the way I am now, are two totally different aspects. I was cranky, irretable and the only thing I wanted to do was be at the gym. Fuck work, fuck my relationship, everthing else was second to the gym. Maybe if you had some real shit then you would understand. Oh, and by the way, I look just as good now then I did when I was on the shit.
  8. Sexy porn pics!!

    What I would give to be the table clothes in this pcture!!
  9. If a woman slaps a man... Is he wrong for slapping her back??

    Like the saying goes "Do unto others, as you would have those do unto you". Man, Woman, it doesn't matter. Someone slaps me, be prepared for a back-hand. I think it's silly how most woman double standard themselves. What gives you the right to put your hands on someone? The only woman that would EVER, EVER be aloud to slap me and get away with it is my mother. So since most woman and men would disagree, would it be ok if I didn't slap a woman who slapped me back, but kick her in her ass???
  10. Is it Thursday yet???????

    Cow is right you fat moose!!!!
  11. Tempts Special Appearances

    Well I KNOW Greg Kovac's is there every weekend!!
  12. "Juiced up" guys at the Jersey shore

    Mr. Armani, I found a pic of you last year in tempts...
  13. Is This A Big Cock??? [pic inside]

    I thought only horses were that big???
  14. "Juiced up" guys at the Jersey shore

    I have done three cycle's in the past, and not for anyone but myself. I have a gf and have been with her for all three cycles. First: Steroids almost ruined my relationship. I was moody and snappy all the time, and all I wanted to do was be at the gym. Since then I have promised my gf I will never do them again. Second: There a waste of money. Unless you stay on roids all the time, you lose strength and some mass. As far as roids being more around metropolitan area's, do the math. How many people out in Lincoln, Nebraska selling deca? Since we live close to ports and major international airports, it's alot easier to get stuff. Third: 75% of all the guys you see in Tempts and other "roid" hangouts, the guys are usually with other guys. You hardly ever see them with girls. Me personally, I think most, not all, woman are turned off by big guys. I would rather be 190 shredded then a 240 blob. But thats just me :D
  15. ~wood~

    Anywhere between 4-5 at work, and at home, maybe 2-3. No wonder my right forearm is bigger then my left:bounce: