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  1. Sometimes, like lst week..I have these thoughts about "Maybe I'll take a pill..just one..."...being a girl who has only smoked pot maybe...8 times, an never tried anything else, it can be INCREDIBLY tempting....especially because all of my friends have been tripping, rolling, blah blah blah since highschool. My best friend says that I should, all my friends want to be there when it happens, but for some reason they don't realize that ITS NEVER GOING TO. At 15, I was an alcoholic. I got over that, and it took a really long time. I am proud of my acheivements, and never want to be in another situation like that again. many young people have trouble saying no to something after theyve already agreed to it once (girls, think about after youve slept with a guy, and ten dont want to do it again, howhrd it is to say that..lol)...after deciding that I would roll for my first time fr scot project, I realized what it is that makes me who I am. I am me because I love everything. I don't need to be fucked up to see beauty in things, or to feel good. I am me beause when everybody else said yes, I said no. I am me, because I make my own rules. I have no problem with people who do drugs, but I'm glad that I don't. I'm glad that I realized all of this before the weekend. Now maybe I'll hae a couple of dinks instead. I'm to the point where I can drink socially again. How proud am I??? SO PROUD.:spin::grin2: :grin2:
  2. I party sober EVERY WEEK. I mean, No stackers, no xenadrine. maybe one or two red bulls....THATS IT. I am at the club before 12, and don't leave till 8 or 9 every friday. Let me advise you. NAPS ARE A BAD IDEA. unless youare napping WAY before you go out, you'll never be energetic enough by the time you get there. You need to leave at least 3 hours between the time you wake up and the time you leave for the club. DO NOT EAT RIGHT BEFORE YOU LEAVE. Think about when you are trying to fall asleep in yourbed, and you are starving. You just can't sleep, becuase, of course...you are hungry. Hunger keeps your mind off of being tired. Munch on chips or candy in the car, but nothing too filling. Carbs make you sluggish, though...stay away from bread and doughy things. REMEMEBER WHY YOUE THERE. Obviously, it's the music that drives you. Drink lotsa water, sit down when youre tired, and then DANCE YOURE FAWKING ASS OFF!!!! :laugh:
  3. scot project exit

    wristbands haven't been working. I mean, they help,but I had one last week, and I was dressed up, and Valdi (the door guy in thewhite room) was still being a erk. Eventually me and my girls got in, but he is still pretty much a douchebag unless you are Russian