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  1. clubs!! what about djs????

    I think i got screwed when i went to DC. DJ Tiesto is a resident DJ in DC at glow??? That place must be awesome. He drops sick beats.
  2. DC Club nights, bars, etc...

    And I heard NATION was in the middle of the getto. Who would go there???
  3. DC Club nights, bars, etc...

    Last time a read a post like this it was wrong. I went to Insomnia b/c the post said they played trance and progressive house...yeah it was hip hop night on Sat.
  4. [DCNC]ACT NOW to Protect DC's Nightlife and Music Scene

    Protect it. DC clubs suck ass. They should close all of them. And the people suck.
  5. Did anyone go to 1223 last night? Confirm Rumors?

    I find went there for his bday on sat night. He said that they played a lot of dance music and only a little hip hop. I don't think they were there b/c he didn't say that the music was bangin. And that place could use a good DJ.
  6. Is Laurie619 still alive???

    I felt bad after I read the first reply, but I guess shes still around. I wonder why she doesn't post anymore? LOL. Her computer probably blown up after her 8,000th post.
  7. Last time I was on this board she was banned from Tempt's. LOL
  8. Ac????????????????????

    What's been hotter? Mix or Casbah? Who's Going next Saturday 31st?
  9. Memorial Day Weekend

    Mandalay Bay...sitting in the sand by the wave pool drinking a strawberry Daq...nothing beats that. Second best would be surf club...but not close.
  10. Most fun/best motels in Seaside?

    Hershey's motel is the best. Biggest motel down there...it takes up a whole block and it has an inground pool. Lot of action during the day. back in 99, i paid $600 for 3 nights. It was the best time.
  11. anybody know a cheap place to buy tires?

    i got 3...15 inch used tired. I'll sell them to ya. How much do u want to pay???
  12. MDW training update????, LOL LOL.....

    On MDW, there should be a fight to the death. What are the odds of Kyle taking on the whole Iron Man Crew???
  13. In the 3 yrs that i have been reading Club Planet, i have never seen so many sticky's posted by the same person. There's like 7 Sticky's and noone is even replying to them. I think that there just taking up space. Why so many:confused:
  14. Who's spinning at Tempt's this Sat???

    You got me on that XS/Temtp's VIP right?
  15. Its Official I have rented the AZTEC VIP SECTION

    I think it was DJ scissorhands from KTU.