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  1. track id -

    hahahaa no it's not inoj. sorta sounds like a 'scumfrogz' production. and the vocal sample is a bit filtered.
  2. track id -

    nobody knows?....
  3. track id -

    what's that house song that samples 80's r&b group - ready for the world - 'love you down' with the darker sounding house beats? anybody?
  4. old track id- help please

    this song is seriously old- so hopefully somebody can help me out id this song on this board. http://central.mixture.com/alan/turntables2.html this was a little project i was doing trying to learn flash years ago. anyways there's a 4 second sample loop that plays went you click on a button labeled- "song 2" or "no idea" it's done in flash- so it should load pretty quick if you have broadband. thanks again-
  5. can't eat, can't sleep

    how was the magic sessions? i kinda regret not atleast checking it out (we were burnt out by then). i always miss louie vega's set (all time he comes out to sf, and other times visiting nyc). we went to the secret ibiza party at the mynt lounge- it was a nice place but the crowd was pretty dissapointing considering it was sponsored by playboy, gucci and prada (had nothing on vegas).
  6. can't eat, can't sleep

    thanks again for hookin up the info!
  7. can't eat, can't sleep

    did my favor of downloading audiogalaxy. i used to use it before the napster days. yeah- they so much more house music on it. but i wish they made the user interface a little nicer. damn- i found like 3 different version of the angie stone song, but i still can't find the version i heard during the wmc at rain. houseb4titties- did you go to the same party (chez/wave/bombay) or the soulfuric party?
  8. can't eat, can't sleep

    you guys are the best! that was it! houseb4titties- who was the other track by? any of you guys on morpheus/kazaa or imesh? it's tough finding new deep house stuff these days.
  9. can't eat, can't sleep

    hey does anybody know the name and artist for the original and updated remixed song with the main chorus line that goes... "i can't eat, i can't sleep..." i heard the original on one of those classic soul stations. and a deep house/disco-ish version of it at the chez/bombay/wave music party at rain during the wmc.