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  1. hi reason i added u is i seen ur tips and judgin of ur picture u no wot ur talkin about - ive jst started cuttin and cud do with a few things clearing up so i no im headin in the right track so im lookin forward to hearing from you - once i get a message bk i will explain my queries if u hav the time to answer back tht wud be great - thanks

  2. !!!!!!

    So have you found the guy that gave you herpies??? Once you have contracted the herpies virus it is extremely hard to supress, especially in times of stress. And yes that are extremely painful and make you feel like shit all over - that is due to your body trying to fight off the virus. You will actually never git rid of the virus. It will go into remission and when your immune system is low it will once again pop back up. The best was to keep them from popping up is practacing safe sex and never contracting the disease. But, before you get to mad at your boyfriend - it could have just as easily came from your mother when she kissed you good night or a multitude of other non sexual contacts. Nautica
  3. Ecstasy

  4. Thin Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I truly appreciate the fact that you hung around long enough to at least reply. But, you need to understand where we are coming from. You have absolutely no contribution to this board what so ever. Then you come on hear and tell us you will be our board hero and help those in need. For a small fee of course. So you not a salesman. You have actually had an invention to help those who are balding. Here is your chance to tell us about your product. Don't point us to your site. We are ignorant, we need your help. We want you to explain it to us like we are in 1st grade. No copy and paste. Start from the begining tell us about your product. Then we will ask questions as needed. thx nautica
  5. Thin Hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Do you idiots that spam, even take the time to come back to the site and defend or explain your product??? If so, here is your chance. If not, then good bye. And dont give me a site to goto. Your a grown adult and are selling the product. So you should be able to explain and defend the product in your own words. If not, then you need to find another line of work. A good salesman believes and understands the product they are selling. Show us if you are a good salesman. Nautica
  6. extasy use- feedback

    Hell, it has been 2 or 3 years since I have had either. At this point, I wouldn't be picky about which one I got. Nautica
  7. Broccoli & bloating

    Any time you eat fiber, this will happen. Humans much like many other mammals can NOT properly digest fiber. In order to digest fiber humans have a symbiotic relationship with bacteria in our digestive tract. These bacteria digest the cellulose in order for our system to be able to absorb the nutrients. The biproduct of the bacteria's digestion of cellulose (fiber) is methane. The natural flora mentioned above is bacteria (mostly E coli) the numbers of these will grow with increased intake of fiber - but the methane will still be a biproduct - there will only be more bacteria to create the methane. As far as soaking beans or other methods it does not neccessarily work. Obviously the more digested the fiber is before it reaches the digestive tract, the less the bacteria will have to digest, therefore, the biproduct will be less. If you females would quit worrying about your boyfriends hearing you FART, then you could let the gas out and bloating would not be an issue. Good luck Nautica
  8. Weight Loss Supplements

    Notice I said only 3%. And of course everyone should have thorough check ups, especially if they are going to change up their diet, workout routine, ect....
  9. Weight Loss Supplements

    No need. Ephedra only increased metabolism 3%, but the crash afterwards would put the weight back on, plus some. The other supplements do not even compare to the effects of ephedra. Concentrate on diet/exercise. Unless, of course, you want to take the DNP, plunge. Nautica
  10. Stronger Lower body = Bigger Upper body ?

    What has been said above is correct. But, it is even more simple than that. The human body (Or any bilaterally symetrical body planned organism) has the "desire" or need to be symetrical to a certain degree. Millions of years of evolution have favored bilateral symmetry. So, lets say a person only does left arm bicep curls. What will happen is that the left arm will not grow as much as it should, but at the same time the right arm will get signals to grow - so as to maintain a certain body symmetry. The same goes for lower vs. upper body. If you want a large upper body, you must also work legs - PERIOD. Nautica
  11. Protein absorption?

    I will refer back to my orginal statement. You can read articles and books that give fancy calculations for how many grams will be absorbed by each person. But, lets try an experiment. Do the calculation, then find out how much your body absorbed, then find out how much your buddy absorbed, then do the test after a workout, then do the test after a meal, then do it first thing in the morning, then do it after starvation, then do it after being full. I think you get my point. Your body will take in what it needs, depending on your genetics, depending on your intake of other foods, depending on your current training, ect........ I could go on with 1000's of variables. Just use a little common sense and remember - the worst thing that could happen if you take in too much protein is that you shit it out. In other words if you are trying to bulk, load up and don't worry about it unless you start putting on fat - then you can cut back a bit. THIS IS MEANT FOR THE TYPICAL PERSON AND NOT FOR A PERSON WITH KIDNEY OR LIVER PROBLEMS. Nautica
  12. Group Fitness Instructors

    Can you be more specific. I had a group of girls last night, which I was instructing. It cost me a bundle - but they had not problems following directions. Nautica
  13. Diagnosis Q...

    You will have to give us more info than that. Is it a loss of voice or is it a slurr of speech. This diagnoses could be anywhere from simple laryngitis (swollen larnyx) to nuerolical diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Other words, this is not the place. If the doc did not seem concerned, don't worry yourself. Get the proper test, such as MRI, CAT scans, Neurological, ect... and go from there. But, don't worry yourself or your dad until you know there is something to worry about. Keep us up to date, and if you have any more info, let us know - then maybe we could give you some more info. later nautica
  14. female bods

    If a man did chest exercises would he get "boobs". I think not. The more weight women loose (especially, when cutting for a contest) the more of their breast tissue or fat they will loose. Some still want to have somewhat of a femine physique, so they have breast implants. And btw, men also will have "breast" implants. But, they are solid silicon, which goes under the muscles to make the pecs look larger. Nautica
  15. ab lounge?

    Cruches are free.