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  1. White girls with black butts

  2. EZ test results

    ez test is an acid the color reaction is determined by time. the quicker the substance reacts to the acid the less unnatural substances are in there. you can buy pills the size of biscuits and get the same roll as the size of one equal to a button. so the quicker the color changes the less unnatural compound is used to make the pill. hope that helps =) drugs are a science - use the basic science knowledge to understand =)
  3. Mixin K And Coke

    your mind is confused but you can see straight cK1
  4. Club Exit Aug 30th.... Masi & Mello (main Floor)

    congrats on the plug guys.... watchout for mr trainwreck... sad to say but my vote goes to scott bond at roxy that night pm me for advanced tix - dj tek and powerstar holding up the vip room...some really nice prog trance!
  5. DJ Tiesto set?

    IMHO..it doesnt beat 1, definitely better than 2 but not as much history as 1...i'll give it some time but def thumbs up for it
  6. Top Ten....week of 8/12/02

    armin van buuren feat ray wilson - yet another day gouryella - ligaya dreamcatcher - i dont wanna lose my way (magik muzak remix) oceanlab - sky falls down art of trance - love washes over (airwave remix)
  7. Turntables question

    tech 12 mk2 silver face $840 a pair cash and carry where? rock n soul 35th and 7th ave =) talk to henry tell him kidnyce sent you =)
  8. couch (pvd remix? i think?)
  9. Sasha Roll Call!!!! -

    im there for the CD signing..nope for the arc party..anyone trippin down to DC on friday to see him. i'd go on wed but i got work! doH
  10. Who likes progressive trance?

    4elements? star? btw im a friend of tek's. no for wed night - yes for wed cd signing yes for fri @ buzz nations DC for sasha
  11. Hard Trance Albums

    Dumonde Picotto Diggers MMII TTF
  12. Sasha Cd Signing - Virgin Megastore Union Square

    im not expecting a long line - when tiesto came to virgin there was practically no one there...maybe a small crowd of TRUE followers but other than that people didnt really come out for it...and it was on a friday night before he spun at exit. welps we will see...i'm there like 5:30-6ish
  13. DJ Tiësto is GOD

    TA PRIDE =P lmao
  14. DJ Tiesto set?

    lethal industry is played out... although im impressed with dreamcatcher when he dropped that at area2 jones beach!