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  1. Whoa! Osama & Saddam Both Hit the Same Chick!!

    id stick my hook up in her
  2. That DJ list is nonsense. Tiesto certainately doesn't belong there.
  3. Sexy @ The Roxy?

    yea he was destroying the crowds ears with his cheese
  4. Attn: Quoth

    Why do people take this board so seriously? Some people need to get off the comp, go out and get lives!
  5. Pic of Hookface

    uh.....that was soooooo not funny. Next time, dont try so hard.
  6. ATTN: guys with man boobs

    What's a matter? Can't take a joke? I see it's easy to dish it out, but hard to take . Oh and BTW, this is not quoth or anyone u know. I'm just a passer-by...
  7. ATTN: guys with man boobs

    Notice Tool Lord on the right..
  8. ATTN: guys with man boobs

    Bro, you shouldnt talk..you aint no prize yourself.
  9. Mr. Highmay...

    You're gay.
  10. Hookface

    Nice face..