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  1. You know what Justin? FUCK YOU. maybe you should kill yourself because you're such a piece of shit. All you ever do is be mean to people, and you know what? It's not cool, and it's not funny. Maybe you should start being honest with yourself, because we all know the only reason you make fun of other people is because you are insecure about yourself. Why don't you GROW UP, and GET OVER IT. You are NOT god, and you are not the king of the world, and you do NOT own every single club on the face of the earth. So please, SHUT UP.
  2. oh you so are ..............anyway, i'm out.... I have to go to WORK tomorrow...
  3. YEAH MAYBE or you could just stop because half of the reasons you named for being depressed are things that you could change if you wanted to, but you really don't want to change. oh yeah, stop being mean to my cousin
  4. I go to clubs sometimes... when I can sneak away from my jealous boyfriend, who has no reason to be jealous because no other guy in there right mind wants to come near me... i think it must me the jerzey water
  5. Poor innocent joephish... you have NO idea how in the same league I really am. (I'm on this board because I wanna be... got a PROBLEM? )
  6. I don't want to get started, but I could probably beat all of you... I used to be part of the "posse" if you all remember correctly
  7. Too bad no one cares about joeg