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  1. Sasha @ Arc

    A Wendesday night does not scare me. Thats what sick days are for. I was just at Arc for Danny vs. Danny, and I can't imgine Sasha there. It will be amazing! Sasha and Digweed started it all for me. They have been my favs since day one .... nothing has changed. Hot, packed, weekday night ..... I don't care ..... its Sasha!!
  2. Memento

    Ever since I saw the that movie the first time, I have been promoting the crap out of it as if I am making money off of it or something. Great movie .... extremely original. Its like a giant puzzle that needs to be pieced together little by little .... so you HAVE TO PAY COMPLETE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE .... but believe it or not, thats what makes it so good!
  3. Work Sucksss!!!

    They are a metabloic enhancer/diet pill. Not exactly sure of what all of the ingredients are but I am sure, like any other stimulant, taking too much is dangerous. It depends on what your body can handle. I can take 3 and feel energetic but my roomate takes one and she gets jittery.
  4. Work Sucksss!!!

    So if she wasn't cute, would you still let her sleep???
  5. Work Sucksss!!!

    Did you let her sleep like that or did you wake her up???? Why I am asking this ... I don't know .... See how much fun I am having at work!!
  6. enough already

    This one had me cracking up ... its so true, sad to say. BUT I will say in not all cases, to defend the good guys!!
  7. Work Sucksss!!!

    Thats funny .... on my way into work this morning, I was thinking, "Sh*t!, I have no hydroxycut w/me .... I am gonna need some help and coffee ain't gonna cut it!!" Oh well, I am still exhausted from the weekend. I have been trying to catch up ever since and work is just too slow!! It definitely doesn't help the cause!!
  8. What are the best clubs in philly?

    I was at Exit last Friday for Oakie and saw the funniest meathead ever. I was sitting against the wall and there was a mirror above me and my roomate and this meathead must have past us like 10 times in 5 minutes checking himself out in the mirror, flexing his muscles, sticking his ass out ... oh my God, you name it .... he did it!! My roomate and I were like cracking up in his face just about .... it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!!
  9. So...how was Jokenfold?

    Ok, I am confused .... who was after Oakie between 4 and 6ish??? Eddiebang or blueprintent????
  10. So...how was Jokenfold?

    Was that really you between 4 and 6:15??? Good stuff!! I stayed until 7am ....
  11. So...how was Jokenfold?

    He was definitely NO Jokenfold to me!! Although I am pretty sure that he was spinning until 6:20am ..... wish he did!! I was extremely impressed with his set. Amazing in my book! Had a blast!! It was just alittle hot!
  12. Is jason ojeda going to be at exit, does anyone know???? I didn't notice his name on the flyer but I did notice on the CPI one.
  13. Well please let me know the outcome of the coin flip ..... I NEED TO KNOW NOW!! Just playing and just making conversation .... i didn't even realize there was another DJ besides LT. Thought maybe he was known to be a 'closer' or vice versa.
  14. Opening and closing???? Where do you think Liquid Todd falls into the picture then????