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  1. naomi1 Happy Birthday

    Happy Belated Naomi!
  2. Bassics - Saturday, August 3, 2002 -

    You got it!
  3. Rain, Rain, and Rain

    Like always, had a ball!
  4. Fuck... Im back

    Welcome back Charlie & Annette! Glad to hear you guys had a ball!
  5. Bassics - Saturday, August 3, 2002 -

    Danny and I will be attending Bonniee! Plus, my Bday is that Thurs.....
  6. Attention Nightstar!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~

    You 2 make me vomit! But is was cute.
  7. damnit....busted at work

    That sux!
  8. I have reached NOLIMIT status!

    Nice avatar Danny!
  9. La MAFIA CP!!!!!

    Can't get better than that!
  10. Lee Burridge At Spin Poll

    Burridge @ Spin> fo sure!!! Burridge @ Icon> fo sure..... Nuff said people!!!!
  11. La MAFIA CP!!!!!

    Who are all those stunning looking people?????
  12. I have reached NOLIMIT status!

    Good job Babe!
  13. Woman Can Be So Cold

    LOL... Muahahahahahaha! :laugh:
  14. Lucient Foort? I've heard good things about him