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  1. Oakies album: Bunka

    What does everyone think about his new album. He's got alot of artists on it. Trys to produce break beaty sort of BT meets TRL hahahahah. Oakie has been the disappointment. I mean. once you go mainstream you can't go back... All he has to do is aleast be true to his fans. And spin a good ass set(Exit). But no...
  2. Fcuk You!

    ok first of all this thread just shows me how retardedly vain everyone is.... I think that's about all i have to say. hhahaaaha. Logos are the ploy of the Marketing masters that Rule. And i mean Rule our City. If you haven't noticed...From billboards to the clubs and lounges that you go to. there is a label and logo behind it all.
  3. Is anthony Pappa coming to NY again?

    yeah i just found out last night that he was going to be AT Centro. they can't have fun! too young. oh yeah i know who you are Codica3. hahahaahha. U go 2 RU i think. i think i've seen you at a party or something...
  4. Rizzo & Vegas @ Roxy

    Cp is where i let my spazzing fits go! it was damn hot and i had to spazz yup. hahahah.
  5. naughtybooth or CP?

    ic i hit a NERVe with the whole nauthybooth thing. i think that naughtybooth has more info then Cp. but CP has more users atleast i think. Cp is married to like Roxy and shit like that. Not that im dissing Roxy its just Roxy used to be cheesy now their getting really hype. yeah i got mail i got mail. hahahah. http://www.comedycentral.com/tv_shows/crankyankers/ crank yankers watch it. you can prank a friend. so funny. new FBS album http://www.soulkool.com/FBS/
  6. Rizzo & Vegas @ Roxy

    NY chunks are all in my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ARRGGGGGGGGggggghhghhghghg. Isn't it going to rain tonight. I already wrote a response to a similar thread. im repeating myself god damn it...........Im getting all frustrated... When is DA Dirty Vegas going to be at Roxy? just wondering. :frown: going to miss another Free event i think my summer is sucking more.
  7. naughtybooth or CP?

    hahah, call me a traitor. but i know most of you are on both boards anyway.
  8. I know this thread was discussed yesterday and I saw the beating some people took for just merely mentioning it again. hahahah. But its so freakin ASSSSSSSSSSSinine that It should be mentioned what the fuck was this court thinking. HAs the freaking States gone to politically correct for its own good. That's all i have to say now you can shot me down for bringing up a DAY old news hahahahhahah. "Peace in the...Fug it.
  9. Too bad its rainning like a mutha fugger. For anyone who has the new Dirty Vegas Album. Check out track 3 "lost not found" i don't know if they have it out for a single yet. b/c i know they have ghosts out and that's alright. i hope it doens't rain for ever. B/c down here its starting and its like 6pm already. and the shit starts at like 6:30pm. for all those FBS fans. check out this link http://www.soulkool.com/FBS/ ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGG i hate missing shit that is FREE!!!!!!!
  10. i heard anthony pappa was coming to Ny on the 13th of July i think. Did anyone watch REispeed last night @ Centro Fly. Yo. Goldie was there. hhahahah. my girlfriend got his last Cd. It was good except for a little abstract tracks. FBS came out with compilation of his set at Brighton Beach. There's a sample video of it at this link. http://www.soulkool.com/FBS/
  11. You should listen to Beber & Tamra... Dope dope break beat. I was reading M8 Magazine and they where talking about how break beat is coming back and all that. Not that Fatboy slim is break beat or anything. tsk tsk...hahahah But yes the Ecard thing is designed well. And some of the FAtboy slim tracks are good. YOu can listen to them at http://www.gutterandstars.com/ i went there after seeing the Ecard.