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  1. Paul Van Dyk's Return To NYC

    LMAO maybe so but for the next few months i thing i register to dark on the cracker meter to be considered one. But if you are referring to the fact that i am a CRACKHEAD well then LOL this is true. When we all chillin next? Vinyl next Sat?
  2. Paul Van Dyk's Return To NYC

    such a shame But now you got me here and its all good. Do my best to bring up all the good vibes and try to fend off the people who just love to hate and cause drama. I love my Sound Family......thats my new name for them. Cause its all about the Sound you hear in your EAR!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Paul Van Dyk's Return To NYC

    Paul Van Dyk Rules.........Paul Van Dyk is amazing......Paul Van Dyk Blew my mind away harder then any DJ has before in my life. Thats the bottom line. I hope he comes back. I hope he finds the right club, The fact that he only comes around every couple of months IS NOT ENOUGH.
  4. Paul Van Dyk's Return To NYC

    Benny NO DOUBT.........definitely does........we got our circle too bad people gotta turn to the dark side and get *BUMPED* out
  5. Paul Van Dyk's Return To NYC

    Theory is the one of the coolest friends in my book. Definitely ranks the title of TOTALLY AWESOME:) so nobody better mess with anyone from my TRUE FAMILY