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  1. Happy Birthday VICTOR DINAIRE ;)

    happy birthday hon! hope you and lexie had a great birthday weekend and partied your asses off!
  2. ATTN: Long Islanders. (kinda funny)

    omg!! lolololol!! thanks for posting that, it's awesome. I didn't really grow up here (only summers) but I can totally relate to 99% of that list. hehehe. billy joel rules.
  3. if they start at 1, who is one from 11-1? mmmm ......i wish i could hear some OLD Scot Project, but I doubt that will happen.
  4. YOuR DREAMS HAVE NOW BEEN FULFILLED!! Let's get up and let's get ill! LET'S GET UP AND LET's GET ILL!! I heard the song twice before I saw P.Diddy and PvD banging it together. It's awesome, I love it. There' s a video somewhere from where P.Diddy performed it live at the DanceStar Music awards. The vinyl is better tho, i would think, because it's really got some great bass. I want this track. BAD.
  5. Well, I don't know where this thread is going with all the back and forth....BUT...... I will be at SF for Ferry on April 11th ___________AND__________ at Roxy for PvD on April 18th. and damn if i won't be at both places early enough to get in without a hassle, ffs! highmay: i'm scared that it's gonna be forever till i see you again!
  6. Timo Maas this Saturday!

    Anyone know what time Timo Maas is spinning??
  7. HEy hey hey.....I am sitting here at my PC listening to Victor Dinaire Live @ Arc 3-1-03. Was anyone there?? OMG, this set is so gooood. Anyway, I have this set along with: Live in Texas 1-2003 and Live @ Arc 1-4-03 ripped into mp3s and i want to SHARE since I love you all so much. So pm me or IM me over AIM (Brianna41579) if you want them. 3-1-03, the set after Scott Bond, is my favorite. This is the tracklisting: Purple & Ronan - Future BLue (opening song) Mark Norman - Return To Eden Dj Tomcraft - Loneliness Talla 2XLC - Can You Feel The Silence (Flulicht Remix) Revolution 9 - The Weapon (Grinder Remix) Yahel - Sugar One Bodyshock - Rock This House Rapid Eye - Circa Forever (Rapid Eye Remix) Paul van Dyk - Out There And Back Marzz - Velvet Starr Ricky Le Roy - One Day Solo Plastic - No Request BBE - Free (SHOKK Remix) Unknown - (Lars Palmas Remix- Deep Mission Records) Midtone - Pearl (Darrin Christian Remix) Junkie XL & Sasha - Breezer Solarstone - Solarcoaster (Midway Remix) Kid Vicious - Proceed Capetown - Pitstop Dj Taucher - Bizarre Pulsar - CLoudwalking (Beatpusher Remix) Armin van Buuren - Yet Another Dub The Green Martian - Wizardry I am not sure if every one of these songs made the "cut", but the good ones did and the set is flawless. Wooohoooo....I love how he thows in the Pvd!
  8. you know, i was thinking, you guys know how Oakie has the God Pose?? You ever see Victor do his Alien/Space Invader/I -don't-know-what-the-hell-it-is Pose? The fingers pointing in the air like alien ears on top of his head? That's the God Pose of a DJ who is still a real person like the rest of us. The first time I ever saw Vic he did that...it stuck with me cause it's so funny.
  9. April 18 @ Roxy - Pvd Confirmed!!!!!

    :laugh: :D w00t! i am there for this AGAIN. omg, these are PVD times for me. Miami..then NY, then Europe. Ain't nuttin better then PvD in NyC though. Hey, where u guys going to drink b4hand? I want to meet some CP peeps.
  10. Mar 14: only pre-solds admitted into SF?

    that sucks, man! i know you live in nyc but it's bullshit that you went all the way there and got turned away. Maybe CP or SF will somehow comp you for another night. they SHOULD. i'm so sorry...it' not fair. you ought to post this on fergie's site too. get something out of it.
  11. Ok, first of all, WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU GUYS??? There wasn't a large crowd, I am sad to say. However, although you missed some great music....you didn't miss a large crowd or good vibe. The people were cool but they just didn't seem to know, love and/or appreciate the music the way, well, the way a TA does. Anyhow, Eddie Bang was cool..dropped James Holden - Nothing towards the end of his set, but a little too proggy for me to dance to. Scott Bond came on with the REAL bang and rocked the house..some tracks I remember are: Scott Bond vs. Solarstone - The 3rd Earth (AWESOME) Above & Beyond - Far from in love Marco V - Echoes (w00t!!) Solarstone - Solar Coaster Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name Aly and Fila - Eye of horns (im not really sure about this) ok yeah, so that was Scott..pretty hard and energetic, I was feeling him more than Matt Hardwick. There were a few strange "issues" with his mixing, but i was assured that this was an equipment issue. on to VICTOR DINAIRE!!! yeah, you all know I love him. And tonight only made that love grow. I tell you, Vic is so connected with his crowd and he just pumps out hardcore beats that make you want to dance till you drop. I could give a much more detailed tracklisting of his set, since he plays every single one of my favorite songs, but let me highlight the best choons: Tomcraft - Loneliness (yep, i DIED) Body Shock - Rock this House (w00t - i love this so much) Solarstone - Solarcoaster (I so needed this little break cause his set was FIERCE!!) Kid Vicious - Proceed (my personal request. THANKS VIC!!) Capetown - Pitstop AvB - Yet Another Dub Rapid Eye - Circa Forever (Rapid Eye Remix?) Prime Mover (or is it Revolution 9) - The Weapon ...I know I missed some awesome tracks. I couldn't stop dancing. The crowd was tough and had really thinned out but Vic had us hard core partiers bouncing off the walls and guzzling h20 like it was going out of style. And, of course, his mixing was _flawless_. Guys, seriously, if you haven't caught one of Vic's sets...make it a point to go. He really is amazing.
  12. Any reviews from Talla 2xlc??

    Talla played some tracks I wanted to hear. Loneliness was what I craved and he delivered that, so I was happy. Can you feel the Silence was also awesome for me. But the highlight was definitely VICTOR DINAIRE!! His entire set was on point, pure energy, great tracks and so much fun. Green Martian - Wizardry, Capetown-Pitstop, Kid Vicious - Proceed, Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (pvd remix) were among my favs. I didn't recognize the harder SF tracks at the end but I was definitely loving the energy. There was a real wide range of clubbers out but somehow we all managed to party together. I can't say we had a true VIBE, but it was Victor who brought us all together with his set and, at the least, our energy levels matched. We were all into Vic's beats and that was all that mattered. all in all, a great night. Each DJ offered a different style and flavor and I could certianly appreciate that. By the way, Kid Vicious - Proceed is now my new favorite song.
  13. It is imperative that you give me these comps because, unfortunately, I have a genetic defect commonly known as a "TAIL" and Arc is the only club dark enough where I can dance without being noticed. I have put all my money towards corrective surgery for this and cannot afford tickets, but I still have a ways to go . Until then, I would really like to go to ARC and DANCE MY TAIL OFF!
  14. HOLY F-ing shit - 3-22 @ ARC! this lineup is INSANE!

    I will be in MIAMI still! Hopefully I can catch Umek there. I have been dying to hear something a little different than my usual trace. But how the HELL is Arc getting all this talent??
  15. How was Judge Jules at ARC????

    Well said!! I agree with you completely. He was happy and smiling and so was I. I think people come down too hard on Djs sometimes. whatever..i think everyone there enjoyed themselves, regardless of any trainwrecking.