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  1. I have not posted on this board in a loooong time!! (since it was ClubNYC) Let's see who's ol' school...... What ever happened to when NYC nightlife was "underground". Who remembers The Limelight (the real limelight...disco 2000, keoki, dj corbett, gonzo), Club USA, The original Paladium...... Tunnel!!. Who remembers the time when nothing was commercial. Popular clubs songs had no chance of ever being on the radio. (not that the radio is bad...just a flashback). Who remembers when people used to say "you go to clubs?, do you do drugs?. How about when being a DJ meant something (not to take anything away from the greats still rocking it).. It seems that now everyone knows at least 5 DJs. How about when clubs were known for thier party names like, Soul II Soul, Saturdays at USA, Juniorverse, Detour, Disco 2000, to name a few. It seems even the drag queens are commercial now, as opposed to being the "freak" at the front door deciding who gets in. It seemed that during these times we witnessed the beginning of many great things, and watched superstars being born. I just don't see anything going on now that will go down in history. I give credit to the DJs (tenaglia, vasquez and all the others) who still try to keep it how it was. It's a shame that no NYC superclub is no longer like this. These parties tend to now be found at smaller clubs like vinyl & centro fly. I just wish that todays club crowd knew what those days were like, and what being a "club kid" was back then. What happened? How did it get so commercialized? I understand that everything is a business and people must make money, but we should have pride in the scene. NYC used to rule the world's club scene. But no more! Europe for example rules the club/music scene. They take pride in who their djs are, they do not give a DJ a job because he's cheap and can bring 100 people. They offer the crowds the best they can, and for that get great results. I don't know...call me old school...but I miss those days. The club scene today is what it is...people come out and they have fun. But the true roots seem to be unknown to most of today's clubgoers!! For those who don't know me I was lucky enough to be DJ'ing at some of these places. I may have not been the most famous, but I got to watch and learn from the true masters. KEEP IT REAL!!!....anyone else have a flashback to share???? dave marino