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  1. rhythmism.com

    It's okay. How can I be mad at someone who can't spell? It's "you're," btw. You have a learning disability and it would be mean for me to bully someone who is clearly slower than the rest of society. Have a nice day, weirdo.
  2. rhythmism.com

    Don't be mad at us, clubplanet nerd. We didn't make you the way you are. God did.
  3. rhythmism.com

    Omg what kind of people joke about AIDS? The same people who do meth and go to tanning salons and guido fist pump at Tempts in Jersey, I suppose. Ugh, nauseous.
  4. rhythmism.com

    hahah totally yeah this board screams gheigh lets get frankie and get out of here before it starts rubbing off on us
  5. rhythmism.com

    um seriously BEST. POST. EVAR. LOL
  6. rhythmism.com

    don't lie mr. 356 posts ps. thx for the myspace comment muah
  7. rhythmism.com

    awe how cute the rhythmism outcasts post on clubplanet it's kind of like the chess club or something I'm just here to get our resident hottie back. Come on, Frank... don't be seen with these dweebs - it's bad for your rep. See you back at the cool kids board. Muah.
  8. SPA Tonight

    What's up with that place. Went to a fundraiser last weekend at Spa and I couldn't believe how bad the sound was... the DJ was spinning hip hop which is cool with me but as soon as you step off the dance floor, it's all muffled and you can't hear shit.
  9. I smoke cigs and my dad's a dentist (yeah, he hates that I smoke). Laser bleaching works really well. Removes all the stains and it should last at least a year or two, a little less if you smoke a lot and drink red wine, dark colas or fruit juices, etc. It's pretty $$ though and insurance doesn't cover it. If you can afford it, do it though. The results are fabulous. As for over the counter bleaching, the Crest whitestrips are your best bet.
  10. Fran, you are one smooth, sexy, bitch. MWAH All that shit was squashed. No judgements, no problems. Just good friends, good drinks, good music, and great parties.
  11. Krizia at Naughtybooth.

    Bustaknut, My avatar was kind of an inside joke and it just stuck around. I'm sure you don't appreciate it when people judge you without knowing you, and I don't think we've met. If we did, I believe you'd have a different opinion since I'm sincerely a nice person. So I ask you, why are you judging me? Kristi
  12. Krizia at Naughtybooth.

    *sits back and laughs*