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  1. exit? any good? whos playing?

    might check out danny then. can you post the name address of the club for me. your a star my friend. we will see where we end up.
  2. exit? any good? whos playing?

    nice one. what sort of stuff does danny howells play?
  3. What do you listen to when your down?

    if i need to chill out nina simone, faithless or dido. if its a pick me up, at the moment its lisa lashes, but usually mauro picotto. enough to destroy any bad mood.
  4. hi. im coming to nyc and want to go clubbing on sat 27th july. ive heard exit is pretty good, and want to findout whos playing that night. any help would be great cos it aint that easy to find out stuff from the uk. any other recommendations would be cool to. cheers!!!!!!!!!
  5. US-Germany game

    hey that was tough luck. u.s. outplayed the germans and wanted it more. makes me sick to see them winning. tossers. oh well life goes on. we lost to brazil. never seen the uk look so down.
  6. where to go in nyc

    hi. im coming to nyc and want to go clubbing. 27th july 2002. usually into paul van dyk oakie and mauro picotto. i am a regular at cream gatecrasher and godskitchen. help would be much appreciated. cheers.........