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  1. new to board

    :beer: OH YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome... lol
  2. SOUTH PARK 2nite???

    Ill be there............... Working (red Bar) Lemme know if your From CP....... Hope to see all you party animals later :cool: PEACE!
  3. YO thats the funniest shit ive seen in a long time.........might have to join you on posting some :laugh:
  4. Well you know I'll Be there!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!
  5. not sure....the Green man Lounge although, was green and kinda looked like a cave. where in hoboken was it??
  6. I must say ....... South park last night, was the best ive ever seen it.... the jamaican band outside was so awesome, i felt like i was on vacation. It wasn't real packed, but there was alot of people inside too. Music rocked................NEVER SEEN SOOOOOOOO many girls in my life..... GREAT NIGHT>>>>!!! see ya next week.
  7. 1) Justyfing drinking during the day.. For no other reason than just hangin out. 2) Putting the top down on your convertable 3) Half-naked women 4) weekend BBQ's!!!!!!!!! 5) Getting off Land and getting into water 6) actually enjoying a FROZEN drink just a few off the top of my head..... :cool: oh yea, actually being able to use that phat pair of shades you bought in the middle of febuary!
  8. Just wanted to see if anyone was going to go to SPL on thursday?? For those of us that still have to work on Friday!
  9. ? ? ? ?

    :laugh: Too Funny
  10. Tonight???

    lol....the car people there are like that.....2am is a bit early for me considering im in north jersey. Anyone have any for around here??
  11. Tonight???

    What time does Abyss close on Wendsday nights?
  12. what nationality are you?

    1/2 cuban other half if scotch, english,
  13. Im Melting!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wheres everybody heading tonight??? somewhere outside?
  14. Holy shit it's hot out!!..........
  15. Well here we are folks.....Thursday Night. It's been real fun talking about this long awaited night for some..... hats off to ya man1 and theripper (we have a table put aside for ya, total vip treatment) To everyone else, Looking forward to another great time Thursday Night at SOUTH PARK LOUNGE... Ps....Sigma, (will she sleep) ..........PEACE