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  1. Clubplanet guestlist for AVALON Grand Opening

    rock on!!! I'm definitely there for S&P.
  2. ATTN: real promoters only

    LMAO!!! give a little on the grammar leash. notallthere is not all there.
  3. Buzz Benefit Party at Maze

    Scott henry and crystal method?!?!?! there's nothing more I can ask for that night. *big sigh* plus it's a benefit event for EM: DEF. very very cool.
  4. passes for space?

    check out www.clubspace.com One of the popups is the Club Space pass. Difference is $50. This pass is only for Club Space. conference pass is to go to the actual music conference to learn about dj'ing, marketing, promoting, etc. all the behind the scenes stuff to the music world. I highly doubt that's what you want. but if you do check out www.wmcon.com .
  5. passes for space?

    NIIIIIICE 3 day passes available sign me up please!
  6. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    werd! Set times would be nice. Share the wealth.
  7. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    everyone's gotta budget. but you don't promote a free party if the party's not free, thorin. You just convinced me to take my friends to Filter 14 tonight. AND we're all female AND we will have to pay. But they promoted it that way. I'd rather spend my money on good service AND a good product rather than just a good product.
  8. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    I don't know... when mass emails have a typo, another mass email is sent correcting the typo soon after the typo is discovered. You're telling me this "typo" is just now discovered - hours before the event?? That's ridiculous!
  9. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    LOL shady as an elm tree
  10. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    because I want to hear Satoshi live. We're talking principals here. When I've been promoting this as free because it's been promoted to me as free, and then the people throwing it renege less than a day before it happens??? it's bad business no matter what industry.
  11. Centro Fly - 02/13: Satoshi Tomiie & LES

    I am not a big fan of Centro-Fly, and I swear on my grandmother's holy grave if there is a 10$ charge after you all have been promoting free, I will make sure to never bring people to ANY of your parties ANYWHERE.
  12. Beware: Airline Bankruptcy

    First of all, the government will not allow an airline as big as American Airlines to shut down operations just because they filed Chapter 11. Chapter 11 is filing for bankruptcy and reorganizing operations to get out of the red. If the airline filed Chapter 7, we may have something to worry about but even then the gov't wouldn't allow an airline as big as American to file Chapter 7. United filed Chapter 11 last fall and I still flew them over Christmas. quit trying to start mass hysteria with this crap.
  13. Armin van Buuren at WMC??

    it did. someone bought them out and closed it. I received the email yesterday. I can show you the flyer from the SF board.