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  1. Tells us what to do tonight!

    Hey Miami, Myself and wifey just flew down from Connecticut.. We flew here on a last minute's notice and decided to take a break from the wild east coast scene.. Could someone suggest a cozy, house/tech scene that's not very packed (like the many NY clubs/lounges) that we could hit tonight? looking for something that'll go all night with some afterhours.. We're very down to earth and won't mind tagging along with a kewl crew.. Please throw a suggestion or two.. We definitely need to unwind and see what miami's got to offer Sami & Terry
  2. Victor Calderone anyone???

    Well, considering that it was Gay pride weekend, as the night progressed, more of the alternative types were at the club.. guys more than girls. The music was awesome and you couldn't really tell on the crowd since everyone was practically half naked. Either way, I will definitely try to dedicate a friday or a saturday night for that orchestra sometime soon. Anyone know of their Name? and yes, it was the hammerstein ballroom.. (or i think)
  3. Now I'm hoping someone has gone over to the ballroom on Saturday night. I think I must've witnessed the most incredible yet amazing show i've seen in my life. victor calderone along with an orchestra and an opera singer amazed a crowd of close to 15,000 people. Ask me about the name of the ballroom and I'll tell you sorry.. can't remember the name.. but i believe it's a famous one and a big one as well. Either way, the place was packed but not as bad as alot of other places I've been to on such a big event. Tickets were $75 in advanced which is abit on the steep side but was worht every penny. I believe $100+ at the door. The show performed by the orchestra included a 15 minute LIVE house beat sounding session which sounded waaaaay too good. No records, no dj's, no electronics, just plain ol musicians playin their asses off and having the whole building go crazy. I hope that someone has experienced that night.. if not, you MISSED OUT!