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  1. this should be realllll good, these guys have excellent track selections.
  2. Studio 4

    any truth to peters being booked for some thursdays at studio 4?? C'mon you "industry" guys.
  3. damn kid, you sound bitter, lets see what the future holds for JP
  4. same goes for house music on this site, oh wait........some would call this music edm (hate that fuckin term), house is house.
  5. What the hell....

    whatever happened to the mayor dinkin days, the city was flourishing w/nightlife back then.
  6. r.i.p wow, this is fucked up, dudes been in the house scene for a loooooooooonngg time.
  7. gonna be insaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeee wonder how much Pacha is rakin ($$) in for that night and what dt and cox come out makin.
  8. :blah:i guess your bitter also.......... it dont matter what u, me, or any other CP space cadet thinks, the man does his thing and gets paid for it........i guess he's popular for no reason.
  9. btw, need an id on this track
  10. say that comment to DT or Morillo.............see what they say.