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    I'm a casual friendly person that enjoys helping people. I grew up in Westchester, N.Y. and still live here. I'm in my 30's and spend most of my time developing my business.
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    Venture Income Projects, Computer related Services, Photography, Astrology, Web-designing, Tao
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  1. What Makes A Girl Sexxy For A Night Or Sexxy For Life?

    In response to Synderella420: aww that was so nice..your off to a good start for a newbie!! But too bad it is hard to find people like that guys and girls... You're right it is hard to find people like that. The best things in life are harder to acquire. One of the few exceptions would be coming home to a cheerful dog that can't wait to see you. I find that like minded people tend to attract each other like magnets. That's why I received a reply from a sweetheart. Synderella ... you might act tough but you're a softy and definitely a romantic at heart. Also, I'm only a "newbie" if I THINK I'm a newbie. The number of post does not reflect my lack of depth, tactfulness or rank in respect to the regulars. - Let the dog lick you ... he likes to give. That's his nature. Don't get it twisted, but if you like it twisted then all the better
  2. What Makes A Girl Sexxy For A Night Or Sexxy For Life?

    If She has the "C"s ... Confident, Cute, Compassionate and Courageous ... then she has potential. It takes courage to be in a relationship. The courage to express your feelings the courage to trust your partner and the courage to stick with one man. Compassion is rare with some females. It's when you truly care about people, animals etc. For example, lets say your boyfriend was out last night and didn't call you. A compassionate female will wonder if he's ok and safe, while a more selfish female will wonder if he was cheating on her. Another example, A guy comes over to you in a club and says, "Hey you want to dance?" A compassionate female might smile and say, "Thanks for the offer, but maybe some other time." However, a female that is NOT compassionate will laugh and say, "HELL NO ... NOT WITH YOU! Understand what I mean? Treat people and animals the way YOU would like to be treated. (This does not apply to people who like pain.) There are a number of other qualities, but I don't want to make the reply to long. Take Care,
  3. Pick up lines

    I suggest not using a line. Unless you're very sexy, it does not help you to meet more females. A female needs to trust you before anything happens. Using a line, gives the impression that you're being fake in a subtle way. If you use a line in a playful way without any ulterior motive ... just to get a laugh ... then that's a different story.