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  1. i need info on hamptons

    why would u be interested in this party
  2. uncovering some truth

    pomoters, most of them with an exception of a few good men have no loyal inards. They are some of the most disapointing people ive come across in the last year or two, it makes me very sad to see the scene get tumbled by bridge and tunnel promoters. I overhear things in club land gossip and whatnot. some people at some clubs make deals all over the place and really not focusing on what makes a party special(music). They tend to make dl deals meaning on the down low, so they dont get into trouble with other clubs. They even go as far as to make like they are enemies with existing promoters, but in turn are working so closely with them it would make you laugh. I also heard that some people at spa are making a deal with longtime promoter bobby goodrich to do this party, all and all its not really an upfront type of event so beware of what party you support in reality some promoters just care about money and the realness of it all is fading quickly. Anyways my weekend was good sf was very pumpin. Vinyl, opps I mean arc another twilo in the making? we shall see, hopefully it gets its licker (hehe) license in there by next week last friday its was decent enough but i didnt hear danny, the good life he has i bet. Also some of you who wonder about the new club on 27 and 11, someone or two got the money for peter to get it going I will try to find out who those champs are, how did they do it for peter he was broke! the irish luck pete has. Im very excited about the new spot by talking to the old lightman at limelight. so long and be alert, never know whats going on sometimes..............