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  1. More pics from the MENACE/PHUNK birthday madness

    I know the fact quaoth, yah im not the only person who has had this happen. ah I have every right to eb angry. You know what I did have a few girls, and it was a mistake. hooking up sucks, it has no substance. fuck i dont know waht to do. quoth what do u mean you dont like me, dont u remeber when i supported you when you asked the waitress at apple bar that you wanted to give her 7 inches of your man meat.
  2. attn: marklovespooh

    i didnt think of that in my rage. I know she doesnt want to get close to a guy. So it must be casual. THis is why I do what I do. I am pissed. and that guy has me comming for him. Bye the way I wouldnt be mad if was a good person like yourself Or say some other people who are decent people like mike or joey. but some random bullshit actor wanna be investment banking, dj schmuck from some club. he or they are fucking going to get a serious ass beating even If i have to chase them all around the country/
  3. More pics from the MENACE/PHUNK birthday madness

    as for this kris....you have never been in love so fuck off.... GO fuck yourself Deb Keep fucking piece of shit guys...........do you feel good about yourself! I hope you do. I am sure they call you to grab a piece of your ass.. I really do not understand you. When I find this asshole or assholes it will be all over. breaks up with me calls me a loser, then goes and fucks completet pieces of shit after the fact at clubs or from the board. So you say me so horney...... Yeah I have ahd my share of girls....but you know what I feel in love with you,. GOd damn fucking complete piece of shit. SO you never loved me. hope i am overreacting quaoth
  4. attn: marklovespooh

    I wouldnt be so pissed if deb didnt casually fuck people so she can push every last thought of me out of her head. I am not hiding Kris.
  5. More pics from the MENACE/PHUNK birthday madness

    I think Tilly has fuck buddies or a fuck buddy. THis makes me mad. IF you are on this board motherfucker I will hunt you down. Its unfort. however because I am moving back to florida soon so I have a few weeks to hunt your ass. You are getting down with the best love I have ever had in my life, yeah I have had my share of women since her but I do not want it. My deb is dead I know it and the old deb has returned with casual realtionship bereft of substance. Mystery guy give yourself up! I need a hug.