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  1. Mon: Opium Garden Tues: Ritz Plaza, Nerve, Spi Wed: Shore Club, Crobar, Space Thurs: Surfcomber, Sabor, Level, Opium Garden, Space Fri: Surfcomber, Nerve, Opium Garden, Space Sat: Nerve, Space
  2. 3/17 - Hooj - Cp List

    I'll be there, but I already got my ticket. Maybe I could hit you up for a drink?
  3. Who's missing list....

    Armin van Buuren, Craig Richards, Lee Burridge
  4. What does a VIP ticket get you? Btw, your web site wouldn't come up.
  5. Can someone from Maze and Space (or anyone else) shed some light on the timeslots for Friday? Also, will the password from cooljunkie really get you in free to Picotto at Space before midnight?
  6. Richie Hawtin / Sven Vath..... rewind

    Where'd you get it? I'd love to get my ears on that. Do you use a file sharing program?
  7. Alabama's a good place to raise kids but not to party. I've lived in Birmingham all my life but have only recently realized how boring it is for a single person out of college. I'm not sure what kind of scene you're into, but since this is CLUBplanet, I'm assuming you like the club/edm scene. I go to Atlanta all the time, and eleven50 is the best club in the Southeast next to the Miami clubs and one of the best in the Eastern US. It's an extremely cool and classy layout, and they consistently get top notch DJ talent. For example, this Friday they have James Zabiela and Chris Fortier and Saturday they have Josh Wink. In December, they already have Paul Oakenfold, Mark Farina, and Deep Dish lined up. I'm sure they'll have someone big for NYE. If I'm not in NYC, Miami, or LA, I'll definitely be at eleven50 for NYE. PM me if you want to discuss it more.
  8. Clubs in Atlanta?

    One more thing -- if you're into DnB, Ed Rush, Optical, and Matrix will be at The Riviera Friday night. I'd go, but I prefer Sasha, and 21+ crowds.
  9. Clubs in Atlanta?

    You could eat in Buckhead, I guess, but I wouldn't go to a bar or club there unless you want to hang out with rednecks, thugs, or frat boys (who've long since graduated from college). Midtown is the best area to go out, these days, if you like classy places. That's where eleven50 is, along with Halo, Cosmopolitan, Lava, Tangier, etc.
  10. Clubs in Atlanta?

    eleven50 is the best club in Atlanta, hands down, and one of the best in the country. Sasha and Steve Porter will be there Friday night Oct. 11, and Parks & Wilson will be there Oct. 12, as will I both nights. There's really no other place that compares, but for a warm-up you could try Halo or Trinity. eleven50 will go 'til the DJs quit, which is usually 4 or 5 am. After that, you could try The Riviera.
  11. Stereo & Glow 10/25-26, 11/1-2

    Thanks. Anyone know anything about Glow on Nov. 2? They still haven't posted their Nov. lineups.
  12. The Tunnel

  13. The Tunnel

    Anyone know where I can find more info on this place - web site, etc? I read somewhere that Christain Smith and Uberzone were going to be there on Nov. 2, but I'd like more info about this and other lineups they may have.
  14. It's too bad about Buzz, but what's going on at Stereo and Glow the weekends before and after Halloween? I'll be in D.C. the week of Halloween and was wondering if I should come early and/or stay late. All I know about is Fleming and D:Fuse at Glow on 10/26.
  15. I'm going to be in DC for Labor Day weekend and was wondering if any world-class DJ talent was going to be in the area. I know the line-up for Buzz at Nation, although I'm not familiar with the styles of any of the DJs. Anything good going on at Glow or elsewhere?