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  1. Joanna Krupa

    Yes, Joanna Krupa is my country-(wo)man. Which means, she is Polish. I had been looking forward to spending one year in NYC 'cause I thought NYC as capital city of fashion and TV industry should be full of beautiful women (Joasia Krupa would be considered pretty in Poland but not beatiful, though). Yet, I'm quite dissapointed with looks of NYC women. Even if any girl manages to catch my eye second time, she is usually either black, asian, Indian or Latina. White ones (I'm white, too) hardly ever. And girls form my country in Greenpoint are complete disaster - one might think the ugliest people left Poland for States. Do you know about any place (site) in NYC that is extremely famous for beautiful women? I'd like to improve my opinion of AMerican women's looks before I come back to Europe.