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  1. which is the best club to go meet HOT latin girls?? and what day of the week?? Curious!!
  2. Check this out…me and couple of my boys was arguing over what kind of underwear girls should be wearing when they have on spandex or tight pants. I believe they should wear a thong b/c of the fact seeing her panty line is disgusting. What is ur opinion on this??
  3. Ps1??

    Just curious what exactly is PS1...is it a club??...if it is where is it located at and how is it?? Any input will be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Here's the deal...being see this girl for about a month...went out 4 times...spoke on the phone couple of times...have a blast everytime when we see each other...now the last time i saw her was on June 30...since then i have tried to get in contact with her 2 times already... both time i spoke to her sister...she told me that she was at work...now what i want to know is how many time(s) should i try before giving up?? Any suggestions, comments, or opinions will be greatly appreciated!!
  5. Party this weekend...6/29

    i heard it's a well known international DJ...i'm trying to get on the VIP list
  6. What does guys perfer more breast, ass, or legs??? Can u also tell the difference from a fake or real breast ?? Curious!!
  7. My dilemma is whether or not to date a single mom. I meet a girl at a club three week ago…went out 3 time…had a blast everytime…after the third date she drop a bomb on me…told me that she has a 3 year old kid…(she’s 20 and I’m 23)… Don’t know whether to continue on dating her or end it. NEED HELP!! the father is deceased...she is attending college full time while working part time...living with her sister Haven’t spoken to her since she told me and that was a couple of days ago…planning to ask her out again and ask her what exactly her intentions are right now…whether it is to just date or looking for a fatherly figure for her daughter…don’t know must about the father of the child but that is something I will be asking…do know that the father’s parent want nothing to do with the child