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  1. green velvet?

    hey there fwilso01! i never did get to any techno i wanted to hit some of the suggestions from this board, but between work engagements there wasn't a good night. i'm back in chicago now and ready for some marco bailey techno this saturday night!
  2. green velvet?

    green velvet is awesome so long as he shows up typically when he appears as green velvet, he does a live PA and when he is cajmere he is dj-ing (which he is not quite as good at) - although he sometimes does the alter-ego thing where he dj's as green velvet... best tracks are la-la-land, perculator, flash, etc. i think he is more in the techno genre rather than house (one of the chicago techno pioneers). regardless, i highly recommend! should be a great show!
  3. NY techno lounges?

    here is a pic of me from my friend's website - only pic i have on-line and i'm not sure how to embed: http://www.paulinchicago.com/gallery/2004/07_16_soundbar/02.html if anyone sees me at sullivan room - be sure to say hello
  4. NY techno lounges?

    yeah - thanks! i'll definitely try and go to that
  5. NY techno lounges?

    those are a lot of chicago djs but they spin house! not my thing - guess i'm living in the wrong city...
  6. NY techno lounges?

    he's fun saw him in chicago many years ago. i do still like the harder, bangin' techno - but am more into the minimal lately
  7. NY techno lounges?

    cool - thanks!
  8. NY techno lounges?

    thanks! but i'm not sure how to post a pic
  9. hey everyone - i'm from chicago but in NY for work for 3 weeks (been here already for 1 week) and need a little help i'm into the techno/telectro scene (e.g. sounds of richie hawtin, sven vath, etc) and was wondering if there are any smaller lounges in NYC that have good techno djs on the weekend - doesn't matter if they're local djs. i've done the bigger clubs here but would prefer to listen to some good music in a smaller space. any advice would be much appreciated! thanks -alli
  10. Chicago

    hey - i live in chicago! depends on what you're looking for, but some events for you that week: 4.14: Derrick Carter, Chez Damier, Miles Maeda @ Smartbar 4.15: Stacy Pullen, Josh Werner @ Smartbar 4.15: Dave Seaman, Luke Chable @ Soundbar local talent also plays at lots of smaller venues - i suggest sonotheque then there is always vision (Godskitchen / Spundae) or the original crobar, but since the crobar remodel they don't book any good talent. my fave is soundbar - i'll be heading there this friday for sven vath! hope this helps -alli PS some sites to check before your trip: http://www.inside-chicago.com/fforum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16700 or http://www.purefuture.com/talk
  11. This Saturday (Feb 21)

    hey, just checking all my options unfortunately we'll only be in south beach for saturday night - we'll be on the other coast (Naples) friday. thanks for your help though! we'll most likely go see sean cusik at privilege and then head to space if we're up for it late night/morning.
  12. This Saturday (Feb 21)

    Hi all - I'm from Chicago and will be in town this weekend Does anyone have any suggestions for this Saturday night in South Beach? We prefer techno but would also be interested in tech-house or prog. Usually when we're in town we go to Crobar and Space but would be up for something different. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Thanks
  13. This Saturday (Feb 21)?

    Did Privilege perhaps used to be the living room? just a guess... Also - I looked at the Nerve listing for saturday night - says something about 'weekly party for boys'? since i'm a girl and will be going w/ my boyfriend i'm thinking we probably won't go there. i've been to lola so at least i'm not missing out.
  14. This Saturday (Feb 21)?

    thanks for the info! i'll definitely check out privilege - how big is the club? is it new? don't think i remember it. what kind of music do your locals play? haven't been to nerve yet either and wouldn't mind checking it out
  15. This Saturday (Feb 21)?

    Hi everyone - I'm from Chicago and will be in town this weekend Is there a list anywhere on-line with all the events at each venue for Saturday night? We are only in South Beach for one night so we want to be sure to know our options. We really like techno but will settle for prog or tech-house. Usually when we're in town we go to Crobar and Space but wouldn't mind trying something different. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!