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  1. Lets Bring CP Baaaack....Who's with me??

    THANK YOU CLUBPLANET! FROM mid 90's till 00's, you helped get out of the house and onto the dance floor, meet some awesome people, enjoy hysterical and at times dramatic conversation on here with colorful people, and also a great way to kill time at work!! What up y'all, it's papa smurf in the hizzzzzouse
  2. "..."

    "..." In keeping with spirit!!! --papa smurf
  3. Dude...what happened to the "..." Board????

    Hey Everyone, this is papa smurf - aka gmccookny I am under a pseudonym and i think quoth will remember this one? hehe I miss this board so much, or what it used to be. Like Phatman said, the blasphemy (hey phat!) I am well but missing this board and the NYC club scene. It's been so dang long, i hope everyone is well!
  4. Happy Birthday Weyes!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEYES!!! If you don't know who i am, I'm the cousin of a smurf who used to frequent the "current events" forum and relish in your wisdom's of the day ;-)
  5. hello again

  6. 34 people viewing....

    yay, look who's back while im here, any girls wnna make some money by sucking my 3" for a new movie im making, Is That an eraser in your pocket or are you just happy to see me" ? There's good money involved
  7. Morning After Pill

  8. glowgirl...

    ..enjoying my 3" of goodness
  9. Are You Into Being Watched?

    Mmmmmm,,, ohh yeah baby. THAT'S better nice gyrating... soft movements...pump that booty up and down... yikes
  10. Do You like This Pic?

    yummy! usually the girls that dont like feet don't take care of the lil toesies. That's why they get turned off Nothing;s better than a girl that takes care of her toes. Not only do they look good, but if she'll let me suck them, seeing her reaction is SUCH a turn on
  11. Where did you........

    in my neighbors shed with my neighbor
  12. Can somebody explain to me....

    hey, i had a similar experience i was givng this girl my 3" really hard and fast, touching all the right parts of her pussy. she didn't believe my man meat would get her off, but if u know how to rock the pussy 2 sleep, YOU KNOW then, laying there all tired and wet, she muttered "damn pete, you turned my pussy inside OUT" and i looked at those lips, and sure enough i did
  13. Are You Into Being Watched?

    Mmmmm yeah i love to be the watcher ! In fact, im watching you RIGHT NOW, Jenn. nice, perky breasts and a fine ass. YOU GO GIRL (just move the shades a bit more, im missing some of the action)
  14. What's the smallest AND biggest you've had? Ladies...

    aww, you poor thing you see, it's not about the size, but how you use it And i'm the perfect example
  15. Grrrrr....

    let me rock yo ass to sleep with my lil beak i may not be long, but i'll make your pussy yawn