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  1. The Midnight Room @ Exit (preview this friday)

    just want to say good luck to you guys, i def think its gonna be a success! I'm looking forward to checkin out your room tonight in between visits to the red room can't wait!!
  2. I was at Exit last week and I must say it's def goin through a big change. DEF a better vibe, DEF some better lookin people, and DEF some better beats. Can't wait to see what happens tonight!
  3. *FREE* party with LUCIEN FOORT @ Discotheque

    it's 21 to get in right?
  4. hey people, This Friday 22nd

    lol sorry bout the last smiley, don't know what happened there... hehe:what:
  5. hey people, This Friday 22nd

    i must say... if anyone knows how to throw it, it's gotta be Mikey!! By the way, Happy birthday buddy!
  6. Meteor Shower Tonight!!!

    Oy! I've never seen a meteor shower either but it doesn't look like I'll see it tonight...
  7. new Arc sound system?

    hmm... sounds like i'll be hanging out there on sat...
  8. new Arc sound system?

    when is danny howells going to be at arc???
  9. Oakenfold last night...

    i was there last nite too! but.... didnt see anyone from club planet oops i forgot to find out where the CP area was. anyways, i had a blast, for some reason i always have a good time there while everyone else thinks it sucked. i can't help goin nuts on the dancefloor... oh well. i was on the stage for most of the time and met a ton of people. ...cant say i wont be going back next friday ~ashley
  10. Dave - Cp Vip @ Oakey????

    can anyone get me 4 or 5 vip tix for exit tomorrow?? help! ~ashley:blank:
  11. Attn: Those who were at Exit tonite

    someone else told me to go to roxy too.. what time is it open till? i was kinda planning on meeting up w/ some people at oakenfold tomorrow nite but i'm interested to see what roxy's like ~ashley:tongue:
  12. my Independance party @ Exit review

    yea i was kinda disappointed that i couldnt go see john- just couldnt get into the white room but i had fun breakin it down on the stage and on the 1st floor. met a good number of CP people (hello!) and had a damn good time!
  13. Exit July 3rd.. Independance Day

    :laugh: hell yea i saw that dude in the white bellbottoms w/ his nasty little black thong- my girls were tellin him to put that shit away!!
  14. Attn: Those who were at Exit tonite

    i definitly enjoyed the music- the crowd was a little funky but it got better as it got later (as usual). anyone get clocked in the head with 1 too many glowsticks?? i didn't but my friends did! can't wait to go back and see a bunch of the same people on friday.... it's gonna be crazy!! im a little confused tho, who was that girl that was on the stage w/ the mic? and anyone know what that last song was called?? i like it alot:D *muah* ~ashley
  15. Oakenfold: Hamptons (7/3) or NYC(7/5)?

    i dont get this vip and white room business- i had tix for vip access to exit last night and i never got to go to the white room or anything...