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  1. That was a pretty brilliant come back Cody05
  2. You know instead of being immature and jumping the gun, you could have waited for a reply. Your comment was wonderfly third grade. You must be proud!
  3. OOps. I was actually caling Saleen a meat head. I thought he made that comment. Not directed towards yourself. My bad:)
  4. COLOR=skyblue]I am pretty new to this web site and I came about this message board. The funny thing is, I was actually there at club Merge on the night of the infamous performance. I thought it was a great show and it was what it was meant to be. A SHOW! How many times have we gone to a club to see a performance and get ripped off when we see a weak and Lip synced act. Real or not! I was in the front of the stage and am pretty damn sure that it was live. You could tell because there where add libs that just were not on the album. Real or not, I would rather see a "live performance" by somone who actually put some effort into the show, dancers and all , than some blown up artist who comes in and hides behind her studio voice. If this is what the "real" lasgo will do, tell her to stay home! I think that all of this drama is causing more publicity and giving those promoters and clubs alot of attention that they may not have recieved otherwise. Could this all have been fabricated by Label and and posters to peak our interest? PS: Peolple these are dance artist we are talking ! Not Whitney Houston as some meat head mentioned! :laugh: