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  1. Parlay Lounge (?)

    2 weeks ago, i got there and they were playing new wave and then slowly went into hip-hop good place but the bartenders don't know what they're doing
  2. Girls a question for you

    Depends on each person, you should ask your doctor if he can be flexible in prescribing different kinds of pills until you find the one that has the right percentage of estrogen/prog for you. I've used ortho and it was great but I know some girls who got depressed and gained weight. When using pills though, you will get side effects for the first few months and then your body will adjust.
  3. Is e adictive?

    Totally agree-- I know some people with permanent short-term memory loss because they roll every other day...I feel like you need to give your brain to enough time to build up seratonin again. Moderation is always key and you feel the surge of the drugs so much better when you lay off for a while. Also going back to the original question, e is not supposed to be addictive like coke. I think someone mentioned this before but your body will not crave e, but maybe your mind will.
  4. bad trip

    Thanks everyone-- i have the jellies and am afriad it'll be a lot for the first time
  5. John Creamer

    Anyone going tonight to centro??
  6. i think if you want a good lotion you should invest your money wisely-- I have dry skin as well and I use anything from Benefit or Origins....you will have baby-smooth skin
  7. bad trip

    has anyone here had a really bad experience with acid? i know that when you have a good trip you have no concept of time but is it the other way around with a bad trip-- like the 8 hours will never end?
  8. Who will be at ARC this Friday 10/18 ?

    Thanks, second that--
  9. How often do you talk to them? once a week How often do you visit? once a month How much do you tell them about your life? everything How often do you ask their advice and for what? i don't have to ask, they just give it which can sometimes be a bit annoying. How much financial support do they give you? They haven't supported me since I was 18. and how old are you/ how long have you been out of the house? I'm 23 but I've been out of the house since 18-- went to college, came back and then live with them for a month and then my dad formally kicked me out (on good terms). I was glad to go because it can be too close for comfort. I feel as though I've grown closer to them because I don't see them everyday-- There's just a limit to how much you can depend on your parents...you eventually have to pick yourself up and be an independent person.
  10. Who will be at ARC this Friday 10/18 ?

    I'm coming! and bringing non-plastic beautiful women with me--
  11. need link to the truth of the original thread-- this policy is actually going into effect??
  12. what race do you think is hottest?

    you're hilarious
  13. Asian fetish

  14. Asian fetish

    hehehe badonka.... Yeah I am asian but it literally makes me sick to my stomach to know that I'm getting hit on because they think I might be subservient-- this is all stuff that people have rehashed again and again...But, most asian girls I know are just the opposite of subservient, if anything they're outright dominating and some guys with "asian fetish" find that appealing.
  15. Asian fetish

    I hate to make generalizations but most Asian fetish guys I meet have low self-esteems and it kinda links to the "template" theory...but then it's kind of different then being attracted to someone just because they have this color hair or this color eyes or what-not. With a race fetish it has more to do with the person and their views about themselves than people who like a certain physical feature on another person.